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Legend of Athena Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Legend of Athena Guide

VIP System
1 . Make purchases to increase your VIP level
2. The higher the VIP level, the more
benefits you get in-game

Bless Card
1 . Top up the required amount (as illustrated on the topup page) and get COUPONS.
2. Coupons can be exchanged for bonus cards on the Bless page. Month cards, seasonal cards, and annual cards can't be used simultaneously, but they can be used together with VIP cards.
3. Only Bless card users enjoy the Bless function and can get diamond rewards everyday.

Blessing system
1. Bless card users can get 1 Bless point for every 100 diamonds they spent.
2. Bless points are used to improve your
Bless level. The higher level, the more privileges.
3. Once the Bless card expires, you won't be able to enjoy Bless privileges, and your Bless points will reduce by 10 everyday.

Acquiring Cards
1 . You can get powerful cards through ‘Draw’, which includes Contract Draw and Diamond Draw.
2. You can also get card fragments through battles or certain events. Enough fragments can be combined into the
corresponding hero.
3. You can decompose the unwanted cards in ‘Soul’ and get Dust which can be exchanged for card fragments in ‘Mystery’.

Cards Tutorial
1 . Each card has three set attributes: physique, courage, and soul
2. Physique affects the card's HP growth, courage affects the card's physical attack and defense growth, and soul affects the card's magic attack and defense growth
3. Whether courage or soul determines a card's attack is based on the ‘physical’ or ‘magic’ prefix.

Choosing your Card Formation
1. Players can select cards from the ‘Saint,’ 'Marinas,' or 'Specters' factions to form their card decks
2. Each faction has its own decks, like the Saint's ‘Light of Hope‘ or Marinas‘ 'Earthshocking,' etc. Collecting corresponding card sets will activate Partner bonus, greatly increasing the cards‘ power
3. Cards left out of the formation can be added to ‘partners,’ where they can still be used to activate partner bonuses

Leveling Up your Cards
1 . The card level cap is the current character level. Only by leveling up your character level can you keep increasing card level, to which end Sweeping Plot instances is a fast way.
2. There are two ways to level up cards:  comsuming cards or comsuming Seniority
3. Participate in events or sweep Realms instances to earn exp cards that can be comsumed for EXP
4. Flipping cards or deconstructing other cards in—game will earn you 'Seniority' which can also be used to upgrade Cards

Increasing Card Rank
1 . A card's rank represents its power, and with each higher rank, there will be a new talent unlocked.
2. Materials needed for card enhancing include Athena's Tears, a card of the same kind, Heart of Harmony, Sharp Blade Ring and the card's combo treasure.
3. Athena's Tears are available in plot instances‘ star treasure boxes, can be exchanged with Dust in Mystery, available in other events.

 Upgrading Card Skills
1 . Each card has two types of skills: active and ultimate
2. The active skill can be used when the card's Cosmo is full and can be upgraded using psyche, which can mainly be found in Adventure
3. Ultimate skills are only triggered when a card's Cosmo is full and its HP is below 50%. Ultimate skills can be upgraded with Pandora's Box, which can be mainly found in Adventure

Gear System Summary
1 . Equipping gear is the best way to increase a card's fighting power
2. There are two types of gears: common gear, which consists of weapons, cloth, gauntlets and necklaces; and treasure, which consists of rings, accessories and boots
3. A different type of attribute is increased by each type of gear

Acquiring Gear
1 . Common gear can gained by crafting fragments found in Plot instances, or from opening treasure chests
2. Treasures can be gained by finding fragments in treasure chests, or by plundering other players‘ treasure fragments and then crafting

Gear enhance
1 . Spending gold to enhance gear increases that gear's level. Highlevel gear provides a greater attribute increase
2. The enhance level cap for gear is three times the current player level
3. When enhancing gear there is a chance of crit enhance, which raises the gear level even more

Refreshing Gear
1 . By refreshing a gear, you can active it's hidden attribute or improve it's original attributes.
2. There are two ways of refreshing, Gold Refresh and Diamond Refresh. Diamond Refresh can achieve better results.
3. By improving a gear's level, you can increase its refresh limit.
4. Refreshing requires Refining stones, which can be got through decomposing unwanted gears.

Acquiring Runes
1. Runes are another great way to increase a card's power, and they can also unlock a card's last partner bonus
2. Runes can be gained by challenging players in the Arena

Increasing Rune level
1. Runes are mainly upgraded by consuming other runes
2. Consuming 'exp runes‘ is the fasted way to upgrade
3. exp runes can mainly be found in Realms instances or by participating in events

Increasing Rune Rank
1 . Runes have four ranks: common, good, excellent, and perfect
2. Using rune scrolls increases a rune's rank, after which that rune's hidden attributes can be activated
3. When a rune reaches the perfect‘ rank you can use rune refresh stones to refresh it, changing its hidden attributes and script
4. Rune scrolls and refresh stones can mainly be found by exchanging honor earned in the Arena

1. Essence is a special type of rune obtained via exchanging honor won in the Arena
2. Each card can only equip two different types of essence. Essence cannot be upgraded
3. There are six types of essence in total; each type increases two of the card's attributes

1. You can only enter Adventure once per day. Adventure includes 30 stages and there is a treasure box for every 5 stages.
2. Adventure is the main source of Psyche and Pandora's Box, you can also use Lost Key to increase the rewards.

Realms Instance
1 . Realms instances are the main source of materials needed to increase your battle strength
2. Realms instances are divided into card exp instances, gold instances, treasure exp instances, and rune exp instances
3. Two types of instances will be available each day alternately; all of the instances will be available every Sunday
4. There are two free challenge attempts per available instance each day; you can purchase more instances with gold

Battle of the gods
1 . Battle of The gods opens every day at 20:00 and 21 :00, all players above level 35 can join it.
2. There are T BOSSes on shift and each BOSS has a different skill with others.
3. Players can get Fame and Honor rewards according to the damage they dealt to the BOSSes. The players that
launched the last hit will get extra rewards. 4. For each BOSS, there is a special card which can deal extra damage to the BOSS. These special cards can be refreshed with Gold.

1 . The Arena is available throughout the day. Players can increase their rank by challenging other players with ranks higher than their own
2. Players with higher ranks will earn more honor prizes, which are sent out every day by message at 10:00pm
3. Honor can be exchanged for high-level gear, essence, rune scrolls, rune refresh stones and other items
1 . PvP match opens from 09:00 to 24:00 every day.
2. The system will randomly match you with a player of the similar level, and if you win, you can get point rewards, if you lose, your point will stay unchanged. If you are challenged by other players and defeated by them, your point will be reduced.
3. The PvP matches will be settled every week, and rewards will be sent out according to the weekly point ranking.
4. Fame can be exchanged for advanced gears and powerful cards.

1. Players can plunder the treasure fragments of other players by Pillaging. When enough treasure fragments are collected, they can be crafted into the corresponding treasure
2. Other players‘ treasure fragments cannot be plundered between 12:00am and 10:00am
3. Players can use ‘truce tokens‘ to make their treasure fragments immune to plundering for a set time, during which they are unable to plunder other player's fragments, lest their truce token expire early.