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Heart Castle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Heart Castle Guide

I don't know where to go. - Select Adventure

Heart Castle has multiple game modes
Select a game mode to play
The basic game mode is Story mode

If you want in follow the game story and earn EXP, select the Story mode. (Keys required.)
Play Arena (requires swords) to get Hearts and Infinity Tower (requires Wings) to get character Items
The Dimension Hole (require Keys) for god and Pet Evolution materials

My characters are boo weak and need good equipment - Infinity

There's no place like the Infinity Tower if you are looking for new Equipment.
Ifs filled with powerful Equipment.
You don't need a Key to enter the tower, as long as you have ‘Wings!

Enter the Infinity Tower and clear each floor which themed differently
Push your limits. You will receive rewards based on your weekly Ranking and score
Don't forget! The higher the floor, the better the Equipment you find

I need Pet Evolution materials, - Dimension Hole

If you need Pet Evolution materials, then play Dimension Hole
The Normal and Element Dimension Hole are accessible once a day
Form the best party and conquer the Dimension Hole

The Dimension Hole consists of Element and Normal type {Element Dungeons change element daily}.
Clear higher difficulty levels and earn higher scores for better rewards
Every week you'll receive gold depending on your Ranking score.

Capture wild Pets. - Capture Dungeon

Capture Dungeons randomly appear when you clear stages in the Story mode
Defeat the monster completely, and then use a Trap
If the capturing is successful, then the monster will become your pet

Enter your Friends Capture Dungeons and help them. You will be rewarded with some Traps
You can capture monsters only in the capture Dungeons that you have discovered.
Higher-grade Traps have a higher success chance for capture.

My opponents are too strong - Managing a Party

Knowing the enemy is half the battle. Check your opponents elemental details
and target his elemental weakness to defeat him easily

The red background is fire, blue is Water, and green is Wood.
Fire beats Tree, Water beats fire, and Tree beats Water.
Check lhe elemental relationships and form your party with members of superior properties.

I've found an item, but I don't know how to use it. - Inventory

On the Inventory screen, select the item icon
Check the item's abilities and press the Equip button to use it
If you're in need of gold, you can sell items for gold

If you want to sell all unwanted items at once, press Sell Selected.
Do you still need more room in your inventory? Then you an use Rubies In Expand it.
Use items of elemental properties or those with special skills to strengthen your characters.

Make Character item stronger! - Item Enhancement

Got strong items? Enhance to make it stronger
You can use other character items to enhance the item you want to use

Character Item's stats increase by 10% every enhancement level
Can be Enhanced up to +5
Normal Enhancement has a chance to fail; Premium Enhancement does not fail.

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