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Goblin Defenders 2 Cheats Crystals: Guide, Tips & Strategy for Android/iPhone Game

Goblin Defenders 2 Guide

Don't let your enemies pass! Build towers along the mad.
They will pepper your enemies with ammo like a holiday turkey.
Defeat enemies and earn resources as a reward!

The fewer enemies you miss, the more stars you'll earn.
Earn as many stars as you can because you'll need them.
They'll dress up your shoulder straps nicely, tun!

By the way, once you have gold, you can upgrade your soldiers.
Go to the Armory.

Give a few coins to your soldiers. Gold ls a great motivator in battle!

Remember: You can always redistribute your skill points by tapping RESET.

'You can‘t fight without spirit! You might as well‘ try hugging your enemies to death!
You'd get the same results!
You need energy In order to template missions. Thankfully, it‘s automatically restored ever time.

Goblins can use crystals to buy anything, from stones and iron to sulfur and dynamite!

The mine will provide you with resources every 1 hour.
This will allow you to upgrade your towers!

Upgrades make the best towers even better! Check out the Workshop!

Train your hero again. If you keep this up, then your hero will become the youngest professor among the goblins...if not the only one...

The more skilled your hero is, the more time he or she needs fur training. I'm glad we can fight monsters while we wait.

Delivers 200 crates from your reserves!
You can build anything you want with them!

Global Freeze?
Freezes every enemy an the map for 10 seconds.
Make quick work of them! They won't die from a runny nose!

Death from above! This big bang causes massive damage to every enemy on the map.

You need stone to upgrade towers.
Whatever people say, it beats "paper scissors, and enemies."

You need iron to upgrade towers.
For some reason, people are willing to die for it.

You need dynamite to blow up obstacles in the forest.
If you have enough dynamite,you can achieve world peace!

Spirit Tank
Increases the capacity of your spirit to 100%.
More spirit equals more courage!

Spirit Generator
Spirit restores faster for 50%! Do not make enemies wait!

Goblin Defenders 2 Cheats

Use any hex editor apps that are available for android/iOS and change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you want.

Crystals HEX 9b 31 00 6e Dword

If the codes doesn't work, it is possible that your android version is not compatible with the code I provided above.

Fortunately you can do it manually! To do it manually, just use search function in your hex editor app, enter your current Crystals value in Goblin Defenders 2 and search for it (choose DWORD) .

If you see a small list of results, example 10. Just edit the value of them one by one until you can find the real HEX!

If you see a large list of result, you need to change the value of your current Crystals value in Goblin Defenders 2 by either using/consuming or adding it. Go back to the list and find your new current Crystals value in Goblin Defenders 2 to the large list and  you can now edit the value any amount you want.

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