Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Finger Derpy Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to play
Avoid the finish line! Try to run further each time.
Collect Red Roses. Spend Roses on power-ups for quick, temporary help. Power- ups are on  left during the race.
Get Gold Roses. Use Gold Roses for permanent upgrades. A good starter is Rose Magnet which sucks up roses!

Play Tips
Hold both hooves to go straight. Tap to go faster.
Tap one hoof to turn your horse. When you're aiming up HOLD both hooves again.
Tap Power-ups to use them. Boost and Freeze help in a fix.
Use Gold Roses in the upgrades menu. Buy Upgrades and get further!
If you miss a Gold Roses use freeze power-up. This will stop the finish then you can go grab your rose!
The Finish Line always creeps behind you. Don't focus on Fast, Focus on running straight.

Spend Gold Roses on Permanent Upgrades.

  • Finish Creeper: Slow down how quickly the finish line creeps.
  • Deflation: Lower how much Powerup costs increase.
  • Rose Magnet: Attracts nearby Red Roses to you!
  • Spin Damping: Makes you slightly less derpy after bumps.
  • Bump Damping: Decreases getting knocked back.