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Dragon Seekers Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Gameplay Basics

Defeating Monsters

 Viewing the Combat Screen

This section explains how to view the combat screen.

Status List
These icons indicate a character's status.
This list contains both statuses that last for a set number of turns, and the various essence icons.

Wiped out/Give up
You will lose all the materials and experience you earned on that quest.

Combat can be set to proceed automatically, either by selecting Auto-battle when you enter a dungeon, or returning to town during a battle.
Important battles are more likely to go well if fought manually, so consider letting Auto-battle get you partway and then taking control.

About Essence

There are three essences: Light, Dark, and none.

Essence Benefits/Drawbacks List

About Damage Calculation

This section explains how damage is calculated. Let's say your attack is 100.

About Speed

Higher speed provides various benefits in battle, such as allowing you to act before opponents, and granting increased hit rate.

Action Order
When a party member and an enemy act at the same time in the same turn, speed determines who goes first.
If an enemy has higher speed than a warrior, be aware that the enemy will attack before the warrior can perform Cover.
Be sure to equip a lighter shield in dungeons with fast enemies.

Hit Rate
If you are as fast as or faster than the enemy, your hit rate will be 100%, but this drops to 50% if your speed is half the enemy's.

Steal Rate
The faster than the enemy you are, the higher your materials acquisition rate when stealing from the enemy.
About Attack Type & Resistance

Attack Type
Skill attacks are divided into the following types.

Some equipment has resistance to the various attack types.


This section introduces useful strategies, including smart attacking methods and item collecting.
Taking Attacks & Healing
The warrior, with the highest HP and high defense, takes monsters' attacks
The warrior can't heal as often, but to make up for this he can attack more.
An effective strategy is to let the warrior take a few attacks and then heal all the damage at once with Recover or other healing magic.

Intercept attacks with higher damage
If there are multiple enemy attacks in a row, Cover won't work against every attack.
In these cases, you should intercept powerful attacks like Strong Blow, double attacks, or multiple-target attacks.
If you anticipate heavy damage, 1 turn before using Cover it's a good idea to use Guard to raise your defense.
Wasting Cover on lower damage attacks just reduces your attack count
Instead of using Cover, attack or heal.

Attacking Effectively
Early on, the most effective attack is the mage's Fire.
Magic always hits.
After Fire hits, it continues to inflict fire damage over 3 turns.
Damage from the first hit is reduced by an amount equal to the enemy's defense, but the values of the additional damage are fixed.
10 damage is inflicted during the hit turn. Damage on the next turn doubles to 20, and finally doubles again on the third turn to 40.
Over three turns, the total damage inflicted on the enemy is equal to the initial attack + 70.

Check the enemy's next action turn
If an enemy's HP is 70 or less with 3 turns left, all you need do is use Fire.
You could even defeat the enemy with 2 turns left by combining Fire with one of the Warrior's attacks.

The strategy of keeping the enemy alive
If there's only 1 enemy left and there are several turns to go until it attacks, it's a good idea to keep it alive in order to let any party member skills charge.
There are even cases where it's advantageous to save up turns even if it means taking an attack in the process.

Collecting Materials Effectively
After defeating an enemy, prioritize collecting!
You only have 1 turn to collect materials from an enemy after defeating it.
The purpose of exploring dungeons and defeating monsters is to obtain materials, so do whatever it takes to gather them when possible.

Hold off on defeating enemies
It takes 3 turns to charge Collect. If you defeat enemies successively you won't be able to collect their materials, so make sure you've charged Collect before you defeat them.

Defeat enemies simultaneously
If you have the Collect All skill, you can collect materials together if you defeat enemies at the same time, making the collecting process easier.

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