Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dragon Bane Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

5 Stamina will be generated every 30 minutes
You can also buy some extra stamina with

Reputation is vital in the game. With enough
of it, you can recruit powerful companions to
fight by your side. You can gain Reputation
through PvP fights in the Arena, Exploration.
World Boss, Tournament and packages in the
Starfire Crest Shop.

You can gain Gold through completing
quests, claiming daily commission, opening
Dragon Chests, participating in Arena.
Tournament or World Boss events. Login
Dragon Bane continuously will also earn you
lots of Gold.

There are 9 classes: Guardian, Swordsman,
Berserker, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Assassin,
Priest and Farseer. The main hero can only be
chosen among swordsman, Hunter and
Berserker. You can get mighty Companions
of the other classes in the game.

STR affects your Physical Attack and Defense
;TEC affects your Skill Attack and Defense;
INT affects your Magic Attack and Defense.

Press Formation at the bottom right on the
Talent interface to upgrade Formations.
Different formations have different functions
Upgrading will increase the formation speed.

Talent will be unlocked when your hero
reaches approximately Lv? and accepts the
required quest. You can spend your Honor
Pts to upgrade different talents.

Specializations will be unlocked after your
hero reaches Lv50. Upgrading the
specializations for a particular class will
improve the corresponding slats of all the
characters in your party that belong to the

Hyper Gems can only be obtained through
the fusion of same basic gems. For instance,
you can get one Hyper Ruby by fusing two
Rubies. You also need Brimbeads for Hyper
Gems lusian, Brimbeads can be collected
through the Raid event in the future.

You can boost your characters' stats by
evolving them to higher tiers .All the items
used in evolution can be found in the
Diamond Shop. In addition, Luck Charms and
Protection Stones can be exchanged with
Lore Points in the Lore Shop.