Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boss Monster: Master of the Dungeon Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

When Heroes die in your dungeon. you earn Souls. When they survive your dungeon, you get Wounds.
You win the game if you earn ten Souls
You lose if you gain five Wounds.

Okay, let's get started. The first thing you do is find out who you are.
Your Boss card determines your first Treasure icon, your XP (who goes first), and a special once per game "level up" ability.

You start out with seven cards, Discard two and keep the five cards you like best.
That means you gotta pick the ones you don't want, make em all glowy then hit OK to discard 'em

Then it's time for the meat of the game: building Rooms!

As the Build phase begins, tap your hand of cards.

Pick the ordinary Room you want to build. Early in the game, choose Rooms with high damage and lower Treasure.

Your first Room is placed right next to your Boss. You'll need to hit DONE to proceed.
And that's how you build! You'll get to build two Rooms before any Heroes enter your dungeon.

Speaking of Heroes, they show up in Town every turn.

Each kind of hero wants a different type of treasure.

If you have the most of a particular Treasure icon, all heroes of that type will be lured to your dungeon during the Bait phase!

Now the Adventure phase begins!
Lured heroes enter dungeons one by one and take damage in every Room.

Now you can use a Spell like Giant size to finish off the Hero. Hit PLAY CARD to cast the Spell.

First, swipe to pick the Boss you're affecting. For a Spell like this, you'll want to pick yourself.

Then pick which Room in your dungeon you want to affect.

Any player can react with other Spells or Room abilities. But if you're ready to go, just hit OK.

The next hero makes it through dealing you one Wound. But don't sweat it too much... your dungeon will get deadlier every turn.

Some Rooms have activated abilities that work a lot like Spells. Hit HALT, then PLAY when you want to use them.

Just like with Spells, you have a chance to play more cards, Otherwise, you can hit OK.

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