Friday, April 17, 2015

Arcanox Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Arcanox Tips
Workers repair everything automatically after an attack.
Don't hesistate to use all your cards. There are no disadvantages doing so.
Every castle has a magical heart. Upgrade your castle heart. This will unlock more and new rooms.
Your castle grows with every upgrade of the castle heart.
You get rubies for achievements for successful attacks and defense or with real money.
You get cards for achievements or can buy them in your card shop.
Build a vault so you can store more gold.
Gift Card Code:301abs Redeem a gift card by entering the gift code.
More difficult computer opponents can only be unlocked with a perfect 3 star victory.

Why can't I play Arcanox offline?
A connection to the Arcanox game server is required because of the Following reasons:
1. Arcanox is a multiplayer online game
2. Your castle shouldn't be attachable while you are logged in
3. When other players visit your castle, they should be able to see how it looks right now
4. You should be able to play with the same account on multiple devices

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