Friday, March 20, 2015

Stickman Kill Chamber Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Stickman Kill Chamber Walkthrough

Level 1
Get the stone and throw it to the guard.
Loot the key, stone and rifle from the guard.

Level 2
Quickly hide and shoot the first guard.
Kill the second guard with your stone and loot the card and gun.

Level 3
Quickly tap at the cliff when being thrown.
Kill the guard with pistol.
Get the dead body and throw it in the spikes.
Jump to the dead body and another jump to the door exit.

Level 4
Smash the red box to get sickles and climb at the wall.
Tap at the head of the guard and throw the sickle.
Jump at the cliff and tap the enemy and choose the pistol to kill the guard and loot the knife.

Level 5
Tap the guard and throw the knife and loot the gun.
Tap the blue thingy at the top left side of the screen to open the door.

Level 6
Tap the upper guard and choose double blast and finish the other guard by tapping it.
Get the new gun and tap the box, select the first option.
Tap the obstacle and throw a grenade.

Level 7
Tap the enemy and select the gun.
Kill the remaining enemy with grenade and choose angle 2.

Level 8
Kill the guard with grenade.
go to the Rocket Hut Jr's and fly by tapping at the top of the screen.

Level 9
Throw the grenade at ninja and quickly tap the grenade to shoot it with your gun.

Level 10
Kill the guard by using the rocket.

Level 11
Hit the arrow thrown by the archer and loot the bow.
Kill the remaining guard with your bow.

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