Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sick Bricks Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What are the different types of currencies in the game? What can I purchase with the different currencies?
A:There are 2 different types of currencies in the game: Silver coins and Gold Bricks. They are used to purchase characters, weapons, items, and vehicles in the game.
How do I obtain gold bricks?
A:You can find them in the loot boxes in hideouts or you can purchase gold bricks by pressing the gold brick button on the top right corner and selecting an amount. Gold bricks are purchased with real money. Be sure to ask your parent for permission.
How do I earn Silver coins?
A:Silver coins will randomly drop in the game when you destroy items and defeat enemies. You can also purchase them inside the store section with real money. Be sure to ask your parent for permission first before you buy silver coins.

How can I continue to play the Sick Bricks game after my character dies?
A:You can select a new character to play in the Sick Bricks game after your character dies and you will be able to continue playing where you last left off. In addition, you can play with the Sick Bricks character again, which just died, after it revives.
How can I get more hearts to revive my character after it dies?
A:You can instantly revive your character by using your gold bricks. Alternatively, you can wait for your Sick Bricks character to revive on its own.
Do I need to wait for my characters to revive before I can play with them again in the game?
A:Yes, you need to wait for the revive timer to expire or use your gold bricks to revive your character instantly.

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