Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Glamour Me Girl Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Who can play this game?

Glamour Me Girl is for anyone who loves fashion and playing dress up games! For children, we recommend that parents, or an adult, play with them.

How do I earn free coins and/or cash?

Here's how you can earn free coins and/or cash:
Collect Daily Bonus. All you need is to play daily or as often as you can!
Play Style Catch. Go to Jobs and play catch! Be sure to catch those falling coins, too!
Complete Assignments. The higher you go into the levels, the more coins you get!
Connect your game to Facebook. You will get a one-time Cash pack.
How do I play Career?

Inside Career, you will select the level or theme you want to dress up your model for. When you've made your selection, you have two locations to choose from:
Boutique. Shop for dresses, clothes, makeups and accessories for your model based on the theme you're dressing up for. All items you purchased from the Boutique will be added to your closet.
Closet. This is very similar to your own closet. Everything you bought from the boutique will be added here after you shopped. This way, you can use the same items on any other level as needed.
Hints are given by Stella when you're stuck or has no idea what clothes are needed for the theme or level. Stella will give you hints when you pay in cash.
When you've got everything you need and your model is all dressed up, time for Photoshoot! Take 3 photos of your model.
Your model will be judged based on her outfit and best picture.

How do I play Style Catch and recharge energy?

There are two ways to play Style Catch.
TILT. Tilt your device left or right to direct where the bag should go.
TOUCH. Tap or slide the bag to direct it left or right.
You can set the mode of Style Catch inside the Settings Panel of the game. Select Tilt or Touch depending on your preference.
If your energy is 0%, you can buy an energy drink using cash. You can also wait - energy regenerates within a day. While waiting, you may play other Me Girl games to kill time.

I can't download/install the game on my device. I want to play!

There are 2 common reasons why the game won't download and/or install on your device:
1.Internet connection is not stable.
2.Device does not have enough storage for the game's contents.
Here are a few tips when downloading/installing Glamour Me Girl on your device.
Make sure your device's connection to the internet is stable.
Check game size for Glamour me Girl. You can do this by viewing game information on Google Play, App Store or Amazon.
We recommend that you have more free space than what's required for the game.
There are instances when a device is downloading several other things at the same time. We interpret this as the device being busy at the moment. You may want to wait until all these, or at least most of them, are completed before you start downloading Glamour Me Girl.
If all of these are checked and you're still not able to download or install the game, we will be happy to talk to you. Feel free to email us along with your device information like:
Phone Model - iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note2, etc.
Operating System - iOS 8.1.1, Android 4.1.1, etc.
Glamour Me Girl version - It is common that you'll download the latest available. We'll appreciate that you specify this as well.
I'm stuck on a level, help!

Some levels are quite challenging. Here are some tips on how you can get past them:
Check the score sheet at the end of a photo shoot and see if there is a "Fail" in any category. See right side of the image below. This means the item does not match the theme. You might want to take it/them off, as well as those items which has low scores and try again.
The score sheet will also show the requirements for that level. You might want to use this as your guide when dressing up your model.
Stella is always ready to help - you can buy hints from her.
My game says it's downloading contents or updating fashion closet, what should I do?

Glamour Me Girl regularly updates and downloads new contents so this is normal. If you think it's taking too much time already, please do:
Exit and close or stop the game (depends what device you use).
Make sure your device is connected to stable internet.
Launch Glamour Me Girl
Go to Settings Panel
Hit Repair button
This should trigger the game to start and complete the download.
Be careful not to hit Reset button or your game progress will be erased and you will have to start over.

Are the updates coming?

We are working hard to create more games and updates. You'll find out first on Google Play, the App Store and Amazon! Stay tuned.

My game freezes when I play, what can I do to fix it?

Here are some pointers that can help when your game freezes:
Make sure that you have enough free space. Close other running apps, at least those that you are not using at the moment. This can help free up some more space.
It is possible that the game is updating and/or downloading additional content. Make sure that internet connection is stable.
Check your game version. We recommend that you update your game when a newer version is available.
Check your device OS version. Freezing also happens when the game version is not compatible with your device operating system version, i.e you have latest game version but using iOS 7.1.2 or vice versa.
If you have done all these pointers and your Glamour Me Girl is still freezing, feel free to email us. We will be happy to talk to you about it.

Can I transfer my game progress to my new device?

Glamour Me Girl does not support transferring game progress (a.k.a cross-device transfer) from one device to another. This applies to cash, coins and items, too. We are planning to add this feature to our games in the future though.
In the meantime, you will have to download a new Glamour Me Girl and have as much fun as you had with your old one. ^_^

Why Energy Drink? Remove that!

Energy drinks are used to refill the energy, so you don't have to wait some time to regenerate.
With the game being free and in-app purchases are only optional, we generate very little income from players who decide to buy energy drinks and cash packs; and this is what we use to be able to create more free and exciting games.

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