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Bonbon Cakery Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Bonbon Cakery
In this cakery simulation game you make your own original sweet recipes to increase your cakery's popularity with customers.

Game Flow
Make sweets to satisfy your customers. Enter popular sweets into contests and try and win as many as you can.

Making Sweets
Combine ingredients to make your own original sweet recipes. The plate you choose will determine the type and number of toppings you can use. Some plates may not let you use any toppings.

Creation Points
Creation Points are used when making new sweet recipes, and refill at a rate of 1 point every 10 minutes. Your max CP will increase as you play the game.

Sweet Stats 1
- Volume
Affects customer purchase amount
- Taste
Affects customer satisfaction
- Aroma
Affects customer aura generation

Sweet Stats 2
- Cost
Deducted when a sweet is placed on the shelf
- High Texture and Sweetness stats can help you get high scores in contests.

Sweet Sets
After you discover a new recipe on your own, that sweet will sometimes become available at the shop. Items obtained through Lucky Spin, etc. will not appear at the shop.

- Base
The type of sweet your recipe will be based on
- Decor
Makes it easier to increase Volume
- Syrup
Makes it easier to increase Taste

Each ingredient has calories. The more toppings you use, the higher the calories. Too high calories will negatively affect the item's score.

Sweet trends change each month
Sweets that are popular will sell better.

The shelf you use affects the number of sweets you can display at once, and the amount of attention they receive. Sweets on high attention shelves sell better. Cost of ingredients is deducted when you refill a shelf.

As you create more and more new sweets, you will eventually discover new suppliers. When you change suppliers, your ingredients‘ stats will also change. This will affect any new recipes you make, as well as sweets made from past recipes.

Customers 1
When you satisfy customers, they may level up and give you a medal. Leveling up also increases a customer's funds, and they may even give you new ingredients or information.

Customers 2 (Auras)
If a sweet has a high Aroma stat, it may trigger a customer's aura, temporarily increasing their available funds and purchase amount. They may also buy more expensive items that they wouldn't ordinarily buy.

Customers 3
Each customer has an individual sweet preference. Customers get more satisfaction from eating their favorite kind of sweets.

Staff 1
There are two types of staff: kitchen staff, who prepare sweets, and front staff, who stock shelves and work the cash register. Assign staff according to their stats.

Staff 2
Each staff member has a special skill they can use when finishing off a new recipe. The skill used will have an effect on how the finished product turns out.

Staff Stats
- Prep: Affects sweet preparation speed and skill
- Speed: Affects movement speed
- Stock: Affects the number of sweets that can be carried and shelf stocking speed

Contests 1
Each contest requires different types of sweets. Winning a contest will get you prize money or medals, and will attract customers to your cakery.

Contests 2
- Stats for "Perfection":
Volume, Taste, Aroma
- Stats for "Originality":
Size, Color, Sweetness, Texture, Calories, Number of Combos The winner is determined by total points.

Truck Sales
This allows you to send off some sweets to be sold from a truck, in real time. The combination of equipment and sweets you choose will make it easier to succeed.

Items can improve truck sales, staff abilities, or your ingredients. You can sometimes get items from truck sales, Lucky Spin, or Hall of Fame Challenges.

Sales Commands
You can use medals to perform a variety of sales activities to promote your store. These cannot be used just before your shop closes.

Medals can be used in nearly every aspect of the game. You can acquire them by making customers satisfied, winning contests, or getting a good end-of-month evaluation.

Hall of Fame Challenges 1
In this mode, you must make sweets on the spot to fill customer orders. Satisfy customers to win medals or rare ingredient sets.

Hall of Fame Challenges 2
Challenges are designed so that if you combine the displayed ingredients well, you will be able to satisfy the customers.

SP Lucky Spin
Uses SP (Sugar Points), which you can get by selling recipes. Prizes include medals and items that boost ingredient XP.

Rare Lucky Spin
Uses Premium Tickets, and gives you the chance to win large numbers of medals, valuable sweet sets, rare interior decorating items, or Creation Points.

Game Hints
Leveling up your main ingredients will allow you to use more calories in a sweet. If you're having trouble winning contests, pay attention to your supplier's skills.

Saving the Game
Tap the "Other" button at the bottom right of the screen to make the Save button appear at the bottom left. The game will also auto-save at various times, such as after using Creation Points, after obtaining Premium Tickets or when your shop closes.

If you register a recommended sweet for your cakery, your friends will be able to see it. You can also buy sweets from your friends and sell them at your own shop.

This game has no ending. You can manage your cakery for as long as you like.

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