Saturday, February 7, 2015

RPG Clicker Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Pure Int Stats Build

- Best High Output Damage
- One Button auto cast
- High Mana pool for auto casting
- Fast Casting Speed from Equipment  = High DPS

- Mana dependent
- New acquired spells are powerful but degrades easily when facing new enemies
- Its better to get new spells rather than upgrading your current spell
- It requires new unlocked stages before you can buy new powerful spells.

Best High Output Damage
Weapon Damage are no match with your Magic damage even if you are tapping at fast rate. Pure Int increases Magic Damage = Best High Output Damage

One button Auto cast
Auto cast saves your energy physically and mentally, just watch your chatacter cast a spell into your unfortunate enemies.

High Mana Pool
When you go for a full/pure int stats, your mana pool will increase and more kills before your mana pool reaches at 0.

Fast Casting Speed is a must.
Your 4 equip slots should have a bonus casting speed. Cast Speed or Int equipment? Cast Speed are the best equipment for Magic Spells. Fast Casting Speed  = High DPS (Damage Per Second).

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