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Radiation Island Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Your notebook is a very important tool. You can find inside
information about everything around you, maps, foes, items and
the pages you can find around the world.

The animal alert icon in the left top corner will indicate the
presence of an animal and when tapped will lock your
view on it.

Tap on the icon on the screen to gather resources and
items spread across the world.

Tap the crafting icon to access the crafting workbench. In this
section you can craft various items or see their needed

You need to keep yourself nourished if you are to survive the
island. Look for fruits scattered across the island or hunt
animals like rabbits and sheep for their meat.

Get close to a tree and use your axe to gather wood
from it. Trees will grow back slowly in time.

You can use the axe to break simple rocks and get their
resources. There are also ore deposits but they require more
specialized tools tor mining.

High bushes and big plants can be harvested for fiber,
leaves and medicinal parts with sharp metal tools.

You can craft animal traps using wood and fruits or
meat. They will attract animals in the area and trap
them inside.

On the island time passes at different rate and the world is a lot
more dangerous at night. The cold can have grave consequences
and predators will be less shy.

ll you have a shovel you can dig around the island. Different
terrain will yield different resources and you never know what
you might find buried below.

After crafting a fishing pole you can try to fish you food in any
open water. Using fishing bail will greatly increase your
chances of a big catch.

Torches and campfires can be used to light up the
night or other dark places. They also keep unwanted
animals at bay.

You can craft a variety of clothes. They provide protection
from harsh temperatures and sharp claws or other kind of

Getting attacked by animals can leave you bleeding.
Crafting bandages and using them will remedy this

You can craft vehicles for faster travel. The hang glider will
allow you to fly while the canoe can be a passage then
swimming in water.

You have broken you" loot. Falling from too high can have this
effect and also large predators can. Crafting and using a wood
simply will remedy it.

Furnaces use heat to transform various ores and materials
found in the world. Wood and charcoal will yield the best
caloric value. Food can also be cooked in the furnace.

Chests can be found around the map and can also be crafted
and deployed where you wish. Items can be stored in them by
dragging them from your inventory.

At the bottom of the screen there are six inventory slots which
are always shown. You can use them tor quickly swapping
weapons or tor access to food or other consumables.

Most items can be stored in stacks of various size. You merge
them together by dragging the items of the same kind onto each
other or by focusing a stack (tap once) and then tapping on an
empty cell or a different stack.

Some range weapons allow you to zoom in on your target. You
activate the zoom by keeping the fire button pressed longer.
The weapon will fire once you release the fire button.

You can withstand a good dose of radiation without danger for
little tine but for extended exposure you will need a radiation
suit or radiation pills.

Getting hit by zombies infects you with a deadly disease
Antiviral pills can save you from this condition.

While most melee weapons can be crafted from scavenged materials the firearms
can only be found in the military bases. But brace yourself. bases are challenging
location even for the most hardened warriors.

The bed has two primary roles. it can let you replace the
dangers of the night with a good sleep and will also change
you" rebirth location. While rather easy to craft, they can only
be deployed inside buildings and shacks.

Energy crystals can teleport you to other worlds where you
can light other players. This will only work alter you have
completed the game.

Many items can be transformed in to different crafting materials
in the furnace. To do that you always need fuel which will be
any kind of wood, wool or fiber.

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