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Hitwicket Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hitwicket Guide

The Hitwicket universe is made up of tiers called ‘Divisions’.
Each Division consists of one or several ‘Leagues’.
The number of Leagues in a Division is dependent on the level of the division. Each Division has 4 times the number of leagues as the division above it. Top Division has only 1 league, so 2nd Div has 1x4 = 4 leagues, 3rd Div = 16 leagues, so on.
Each League consists of 10 teams.
If your team belongs to a league called '|||.6' it means that you are in the 3rd Division League no: 6.
Every season the bottom 4 teams of a league are relegated to the division below, while the winner of the league is promoted to the division above.
The ultimate goal of your team is to win the League of the top division, l.1 a.k.a. ‘The Hitwicket Premier’

Initially you start off with an average group of players with a few bright stars mixed in.
Players have characteristics like batting style (left or right handed) and bowling style (spin or seam) which cannot be changed.
Whether the player bowls seam or spin has a lot of importance, which will be detailed in the section under ‘match engine’.
A player's age increases by a day after every real life day, but only 10 days (length of a season) constitute a year in the Hitwicket universe. So a player's age will increase by a year after every TD days.
You can choose to sell your player by putting him on the ‘Auction List‘. This creates a 3 day deadline where other teams can bid on the player and buy him from your team.

The Fitness level determines how well a player is able to utilize his skills.
Fitness has more effect on the performance of Seam bowlers than on the performance of Spinners and Batsman.
Fitness loss is broken down into 2 factors:
Age: Fitness of all players drops gradually over time. But, loss of Fitness is much more significant for older players than for younger ones.
Matches: Player loses some fitness per LEAGUE match he plays during the week.
eg: If a player plays 2 matches in a week, he loses ‘X’ due to age + 2 'y' due to his playing time. If he doesn't play a single match, he loses only 'x'.
The Fitness of all your players can be improved by training ‘Fitness’
In terms of levels: Hopeless < Poor < Unreliable < Decent < Good < Superb

Form has a significant effect on how well a player performs in a match.
Just as in reality, Form increases or decreases randomly every week.
A player in bad form has a higher chance of form increase than a player already in good form.
A player in good form has a higher chance of form drop than a player already in bad form.
All players have a tendency to go into a form slum or high during the course of the season.
Consider maintaining squad depth to avoid fielding a player in bad form in a crucial match!
In terms of levels: Hopeless < Poor < Unreliable < Decent < Good < Superb

The Experience level determines how well a player is able to utilize his batting or bowling skills.
Players gain experience with every match they play
Captains gain 30% more experience per match.
Rate of experience gain will be very high at low levels and slow down at higher levels.
In addition, having an experienced player as your captain boosts your entire team's fielding rating due to his shrewd field placements.

Total Skill Index (TSI)
This is a metric used to measure the overall skill set of your player that gives a general idea of the player's worth.
A higher level in skill contributes exponentially more to the TSI of a player than a lower level in skill.
Note: Although the TSI comparison is a rough way of comparing players, keep in mind that TSI comparison between different player types (bowler, batsman, keeper, all-rounder) will be in-accurate.

Similar to TSI, the salary of a player with any high level skill will be much more than of a player will multiple low level skills.
A player's salary is recomputed on his birthday (once every TD days), based on his skills (which may have increased due to training or dropped due to old age).

What are Credits and what can I do with them?
Credit is a paid unit cf currency in Hitwicket.
You can use a credit to play two types cf special matches:
1} Exhibition Match
This is similar to a challenge match but without the Wednesday only‘ restriction, you can send a challenge request to another user and play the match at a pre-defined time and on a pitch type of your choice. Go to any team page and you will see a link ‘Exhibition match‘.
2} Instant Match
Waiting for someone to accept your match could be boring, how about choosing a existing match lineup and start playing against it immediately? Go to any match in the last one month and you will see a link, ‘Play Instant Match‘. The match is scheduled instantly and you will have 15 min to set you own lineup.
3} League Switch
You can switch league within your own division.

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