Saturday, February 21, 2015

HellGate Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

A warrior who has extraordinary power, living with his beloved daughter in a small village
High HP
High Defense
Highest Unbreak Rate

A young witty witch is on her journey to destroy all the orcs to take revegeance for her murdered family
High Mana
High Attack Damage
High Critical Damage
Highest Dodge Rate
Highest Brake Rate

An exceptional and damned taoist with ambition to claim Devil King's throne
High Critical Rate
High Critical Damage

Tap the screen to move.
Tap character will automatically attack enemies in your way.
Slide to roll towards that direction.
Touch the screen and hold to move without attack.

Other Tips
Upgrade items to improve it's main attributes
You may obtain quality items dropping from enemies.
You can buy extra item in Arena and Boss.
Fighting in Area to earn gem and rare items.
Upgrading passive skill to increase your character stats permanently.
Fight and defeat bosses in boss to obtain fire lucky box.
Checking your mailbox to follow up changes improvements and events.
Each item's quality has different max level upgrade.
Increase your break immunity to reduce the chance you be broken.
Upgrade Skills to increase the overall effectiveness.
Inviting your friends to Boss battle helps these earn extra reward as well.
You may invite your friend to fight bosses easier.
You can buy extra turn is Arena and Boss.

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