Monday, February 2, 2015

Easy Craft Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

In EasyCraft, all battle are automatically, you don't need to do anything, even after you quit the game, you can get all your gears and exp when you are come back.

Offline auto fight maximum is 24 hours, when you backpack is full, all the gears you received after will be sold.

You can select to challenge boss, defeat boss to enter next dungeon.

Class Instructions

There are 3 classes, Warrior, Hunter, Mage

Warrior can equip Sword and Shield, Main attribute is Strength

Warrior can equip Bow and Quiver, Main attribute is Agility

Warrior can equip Staff and Book, Main attribute is Intellect

Gear System

You have 10 slot to equip different gears.

There are 6 quality of gear, Common(White), Uncommon(Green), Rare(Blue), Ep|c(Purple), Legendaq/(Orange), Artifact(Glitter)

Gear has 4 stats, Strength, Agility, Intellect, Stamina, The higher quality gear, has the more stats.

Artifact has a divine attribute.

Enhancement can increase basic stats

Refine can reset gear stats

Artifact inherit allow you transfer one divine attribute to another gear

Artifact absorb can increase divine attribute.

You can smelt gears you don't need.

Skill Instructions

You will learn many powerful skills with your level up.

Mercenary Instructions

You can bring a mercenary when you are Lv5.

Mercenary will be the same level with you.

Mercenary can only equip Main Hand, off hand weapons, c est and leg armors, 1 skill at a same time.

Mercenary skill will randomly use in battle.

You can use training to increase your mercenary basic stats.

Shop Instructions

You can purchase gear and items in shop

VIP player can have extra slot for rare items in shop

When all items have been purchased, it will automatically refresh a bulk of new item.

Artifact Shards can be sometimes sold in shop, 10 shards can synthesize to an artifact.

Warriors unite strength, defense and leadership, always at the front of battle. ighty warriors use his shield not only protect himself but also keep his teams save. Key words: Strength, Defence, Tank.

Hunters, can easily survive from any dangerous situations, use their accurate shooting skills, and deal tons of damage to enemy. Key words:Agility, Attack, Critical Hit.

Mages, has wise mind and self-discipline, use powerful Magic skill to finish their enemy, MP be more important when battle. Key words: intellect, Skill MP.

Your battle is all automatically including using skill, receiving gear, Release your hands! When you beat the boss you will automatically enter

You can smelt you gear to higher quality or into smelting dust through furnace. Using smelting dust to forge new gear or divine gears!

Team Increase basic stat through gear enhance

It will require gold and essence

Essence of Enchanting can be obtained from challenge boss or event

Sold or smelt enhanced gear will get 100% essence back Battle round is a 10 vs 10 team fight

You can join others team or create your own spending diamond

When you create team, system will randomly assign 9 team members for you.

Team leader can replace members by spend diamond.

Competition is a playoff game

Team leader can receive Lv * %d gold reward

Team member can receive Lv * %d gold reward

Every round you_win, leader and members can receive Lv * %d gold reward

Team leader will have an extra gem pack

Champion teams will receive an Advanced Gem :

Red Gem on Monday and Thursday,
Green Gem on Tuesday and Friday,
Blue Gem on Wednesday and
Saturday, Yellow Gem on Sunday.

Refine can refresh Secondary Stats

Gear stats won't be changed when refresh

Refine won't change other attributes

Advanced Refine will easily get a extremely high stats

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