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D.S.F Deep Space Fleet: Galaxy War Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to increase the tonnage of your fleet?
You can increase the tonnage of your fleet by the following ways.

1. Level up your commanders to get tonnage increased.

2. Increase your military rank with medals.

3. Learn a Control Skill Specialization Manual for your commander. You could use Skill Refresh Potion to get it.

Recommended Strategy for PvP
Here is a strategy for attacking other players. You could have a try.

1.Search for a player in one of the Star Zone maps of the galaxy, click his/ her base, then click "scout" to obtain detailed information, especially the military information, of the player. You will need to upgrade your Reconnaissance Technique to scout other players. Higher levels of the tech will provide you with more information.

2.Dispatch a fleet to wipe out the enemy's turrets first.

3.Then dispatch a fleet deployed according to the military force of the enemy to wipe out his/her other fleets. Again, the best deployment is to let the enemy's ships attack your flagship when you fight, remembering that ships will first attack the ship which they can do the most damage to.

How do you get more gold?
Gold is used to research space station technologies, to upgrade your planet terraforming modules and to hire Commanders in the Orbit Tavern.

Gold can be gained in the following ways:

1.Levy tax on your planets

2.Complete Achievement Quests

3.Buy a Gold package or Gold Production Bonus from the Mall

4.Get gold from alliance members

5.Plunder other players successfully

6.Plunder wormholes successfully

Do you lack resources?
You can obtain resources in the following ways:

1.Complete Achievement Quests

2.Plunder wormholes successfully

3.Plunder other players

4.Buy resources packs from the Item Mall

5.Obtain resources from Alliance members

Note: The amount of resources you bring back to your space station from plundering wormholes or other players is decided by the remaining tonnage of your fleet after you win the battle..

The most important things to do daily
1. Upgrade station modules

Especially focus on upgrading the three resource modules.

2.Do planet terraforming

As you terraform your planet, you will get more population and collect more gold.

3. Do the achievement quests and storyline missions

Finish the quests to get more rewards like resources and gold. Challenge storylines.

4.Plunder wormholes and other players

Plunder wormholes to get resources, flagship blueprints and tech scrolls. You may also plunder other players to obtain resources.

Recommended Development Strategy
There are a couple of ways to play the game.Here is one approach you can try.

1.Upgrade space station modules to produce enough resources.

2.Upgrade planet terraforming to get population for pilots and gold to prepare for upgrading techs.

3.Produce ships and create powerful fleets to challenge story lines, and to plunder wormholes to obtain resources, flagship blueprints and tech scrolls.

4.Merge flagships to higher levels and challenge further story lines so you can get more gold and EXP.

5. Keep upgrading your Defense Center to give your station more powerful turrets to prepare for attacking and defending.

6.Seize a second planet to expand your territory in the galaxy.

7.Explore planets to get advanced flagship blueprints and special materials for researching flagship skills.

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