Monday, January 12, 2015

ZoidTrip Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

ZoidTrip Guide

Fundamental Basics of ZoidTrip

The Timing:
You need to practice and master the speed of your Zoids.
You should also master the speed of the obstacles.

The Angle:
The angle of your directions is always at 45 degrees left or right.
Master it to avoid obstacles specially the moving and the narrow obstacles.

Mental Part of ZoidTrip

You need to have a laser focus when playing the ZoidTrip.
Laser focus doesn't mean your eyes are glued at your Zoid.
Laser focus means your focus is only at the game, no matter what will happen so play the game when you are not busy and most importantly finished all your priority tasks first before playing this game.

This is the main reason why people always get low scores at this kind of game.
Once you score atleast 20 or more in ZoidTrip, you can get a very high score in ZoidTrip but the main problem is your consistency. .
You should accept what will be your score at each of your game. If you think your score was too low just accept it. Once you accepted it, you will be more calm and have more focus on your next attempts thus improving your consistency.
Don't be frustrate when you get a low score, most likely you will get a streak of low scores and most of the time you will quit at the game and comeback later repeating the frustrating cycle or you may break the cycle by uninstalling the game.

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