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Farm Story 2: Winter Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Farm Story 2: Winter Guide

Building up your Farm requires that you carefully balance your management of resources and buildings. If you're having problems, this section should help. There are several important aspects to remember: Farming, Tending Animals, Crafting Goods, Completing Orders, and Expanding.

Crops, such as Wheat and Corn, are used in many recipes. You'll also use them to feed your animals.
Plant a crop by tapping on an empty plot. Tap the crops that appear at the bottom of the screen to plant them.
When crops are ready to harvest, a sickle tool will appear on screen! Drag the sickle on top of the ready crops to harvest them.
For each crop you plant, you'll get 2 of that crop back. For example, when you plant 4 Wheat, you'll get 8 Wheat when you harvest them.

You'll need pens to hold your animals, up to 4 animals in a single pen.
You can buy animals and pens in the Market. Alternatively, you can buy animals by tapping on a pen. Only one kind of animal fits in each pen.
Feeding animals will cause them to produce resources after a short time. For example, Cows produce Milk and Chickens produce Eggs.
Feed animals by tapping on the pen and then tapping on their Feed Bag at the bottom ofthe screen.
When animals are ready to collect, a bucket will appear on the screen! Drag the bucket over the ready animals to collect from them. Make feed for your animals in the Feed Mill.

Crafting Goods
Crafting is one of the most important things to do in Farm Story 2. There are a
number of different buildings for you to use: the Feed Mill, the Kitchen, the Dairy the Deep Fryer, and more. Each of these buildings has a different set of recipes that you can create.
To craft goods, tap on a crafting building. Next, tap the item you want to make and then tap the Craft button to add it to the queue.
As long as you have enough ingredients, you can queue up multiple goods within a crafting building. This allows you to make more items at the same time.

Completing Deliveries
Completing Deliveries is the best way to level up and gain coins.
View the list of available orders by tapping on the Delivery Warehouse.
Collect, Harvest, and Craft all the required items in a delivery, and then press the ‘Send’ button to send the Delivery Plane to town with your goods. When the plane returns, tap it to collect coins, experience and sometimes Expansion Parts.
Deliveries are the heart of Farm Story 2! Check your Delivery Warehouse often!

Train Deliveries
At level 25, you unlock Train Deliveries.
To use the Train, Expand to the Train Station located on the north side of your Farm and Repair it.
When the Train arrives, tap on the Train Station and select a difficulty. Harder Train Deliveries have more requirements, and higher prizes for completion.
You have a limited amount of time to complete the Train Delivery. Tap on Goods to load them into the Train
Achieve Bronze, Silver, and Gold milestones to earn bonus rewards.

Expanding Your Farm
Expanding your Farm requires you to be at least level 2. Expanding requires Expansion Parts: Land Deeds, Expansion Permits and Old Maps. You'll get these occasionally from sending Deliveries.
Expand your Farm by tapping the Expand signs that appear at the borders of your Farm

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