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Biz Builder Delux Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Biz Builder Delux Guide

Manage your dream store!
In this simulation game,
you manage a store and try to make it
the best in the country! You'll even
find yourself giving advice to the
mayor as you do your best to help
your store and the town grow.

Game Flow
First, hire some staff and place
furnishings in your store to get
ready for the grand opening.
Research the products you're
selling to raise their
prices--and your profits!

Your Store's Reputation
As you place different furnishings
and advertise your store, its
reputation will increase, attracting
more customers. Remember to
refer to the Management Guide for
tips on what you should focus on.

Store Furnishings
"Appeal" helps to attract
customers, while "quality" helps
to satisfy them, making it
easier to increase their
"satisfaction" level. Try to place
furnishings so their J’ come in
contact with customers.

Staff Stats
Stamina: Consumed when working
Speed: Increases movement speed, etc
Dexterity: Boosts restocking and
chances to find treasure
Service: Makes it easier to satisfy
Prep: Improves cooking and research

Staff Growth Types
Staff abilities increase depending
on their growth type and number of
stars. There are items that allow
you to change growth type
according to your needs, so you
can select a type that will boost
"prep," "stamina" and so on.

Furnishing Combos
Placing furnishings of the same
type next to one another can
form a combo, boosting all of
their stats. The more
furnishings in a combo, the
more effective it will be.

Your Customers
When customers spend a lot of money
and are exposed to many J’ , the gauge
at their feet will go down, indicating that
they are becoming more satisfied.
When it reaches 0, they will sometimes
leave a present or heart in your store.

Customer Desire Gauge
The arrow gauge displayed for
some customers acts as a
barometer of their desire. If
they are exposed to many J‘ ,
the gauge will fill up and they
will buy a lot of products before

Customer Smile Icon
Customers who are exposed to
many J‘ will have a smile icon
displayed over their head,
increasing their desire to buy
things. They also get XP when
checking out, which can
increase future purchases.

Movement of Passersby
In some rare cases, an
energetic customer may
run very fast. And people
who ride bikes can be
attracted to your store if
you install a bike rack.

Customer Groups
In some cases, you may get
groups of customers visiting
your store. These have a lot of
money and are hard to satisfy,
but if you manage to do so,
they may leave you many
hearts or other bonuses.

When your staff's satisfaction
increases, they may trigger an
aura, temporarily boosting their
stats. When customers are
exposed to many J‘ they may
also get an aura, increasing the
amount they purchase.

Hearts & Gift Boxes
When customers use your store
until their "wallet" is empty,
they will become satisfied and
may leave behind items like
hearts or presents. Some kinds
of stores make this easier than

Management Goods
These goods can have effects
like increasing shelf capacity or
allowing you to hold a sale, and
can really affect the
management of your store.
You'll want to use as many as
you can.

Research uses upgrade items and
is performed when the store closes
at the end of the month. This can
help boost your products’ prices.
And depending on the items you
choose, you may discover new

Powering Up
You can also use upgrade items to
power up the stats of your staff or
their equipment. If you place them
in the cart in the order L=>M=>S,
you can get a bonus. If you
increase the size of your cart, you
can also get more XP.

Food Preparation 1
Stores that serve food must
prepare the food before it
can be served to customers
Placing cookware in your
back room can help make
food preparation easier.

Food Preparation 2
Bakeries must first prepare the
products that they put on their
shelves. Make sure you have
the required cookware in your
back room, and that you have
the materials you need in your

Material Depots
You need materials to create
products, and you need to place
depots to store those materials. In
some cases, each product may
require a different material. Depots
are filled each month in the early
morning and around 3PM.

In some cases, customers will
leave garbage behind. Other
customers will tend to avoid
garbage, so you will want to
make sure you have enough
staff assigned to clean it up as
soon as possible.

Store Types
As you play through the game,
you will be able to choose from
a variety of store types, such as
restaurants or retail. You can
choose a new type of store
after buying the rights open it.

Store Characteristics
You'll find it easier to get presents
when running a restaurant, while
it's easier to increase sales at a
retail store. You may want to
choose which type of store to open
depending on the circumstances.

Cash Registers
Retail stores and restaurants
have cash registers that
customers can use to gain XP.
Street stands have no
registers, and museums have
admission fees which are paid
up front.

The Town
The town develops
automatically. It's influenced by
the mayor's policies, your store,
and nearby environment. The
types of buildings that are built
affect the types of customers
who visit your store.

Consulting the Mayor
You can propose to the mayor
how to develop the town. This
can help the area around your
store develop the way you like.
If you have extra hearts, be sure
to give it a try.

After around 4 years have
passed, a mayoral election will
be held. If one of your staff gets
elected, you will get even
greater connections at the town
hall, allowing you to introduce
special facilities.

Lucky Roulette
Each time your reputation
goes up by 30 points, an
event will be triggered. In
some cases, this can
cause many customers to
visit your store!

Reputation Rank Ups
Each time your reputation
increases by 100 points, you
will get a special prize. It's
easiest to increase your
reputation by following the
hints in the Management Guide

Rival Stores
As time passes, you may find that a
rival store has moved into town. You
will battle your rival, using your sales to
chip away at each other's vitality until
one of you is defeated. Your
furnishings and products affect your
store's max vitality.

New Store Quotas
When you open a new store in
an area with high land prices,
you will be given a sales quota.
If you don't meet that amount of
sales in your first year, the
store will have to close.

Running Multiple Stores
Stores: Up to 3
Auto-Pilot Stores: Up to 10
Managers: Up to 15
Part-timers: Up to 33
Do your best to manage your
stores with these limits in mind

Contests are held in the 4th and
10th months of each year. Staff
contests are decided by your
staff's stats. Product contests
hinge on the amount of product
research you have done.

Annual Reports
At the end of each year, you will
receive a report on your
performance for the year. Your
staff's performance will be scored
with points. You can also give
badges to staff members who have
worked particularly hard.

Replaying the Game
At the end of each year, replay data will
be saved that can be used to give you a
leg up when starting a new game. After
the data has been created, go to the
title screen and select "New Game" to
start a new game while carrying
forward some of what you achieved in
the last play through.

Game Ending
This game has no ending.
You can manage your
store for as many years as
you like.

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