Monday, December 22, 2014

OMG! Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

OMG! Kingdoms Guide

Enhance Equip
There is a smithy in the game. you can enhance your equipments that  the Elite Dungeons in here. It will cost you some coins to upgrade your equipments. Equipment upgrading will increase its stat and cost more coins. Enhancing equipment costs coins. In our game you would never fail to enhance your equipment. In other words. you can spend coins to enhance your equipment successfully every time.

Enhance Hero
The hero card can be enhanced and reincarnated. Players can get some EXP hero cards as rewards in the Dungeons. use the cards to enhance the target hero and upgrade it. Also, ifyou have not enough EXP cards. you can use Hero souls to upgrade your target hero. Once hero is enhanced, its stats will he improved greatly. When enhanced and upgraded to a certain level, hero's talent system will be activated which will improve the hero‘s combat power greatly.

Rage System
Different from other card games. OMG! Kingdoms! increases a special System when battling! Cards deployed in the field can gather rage points. when the value reaches 4 or above, it will trigger a rage skill. Each hero has his special slaying skill some of them have a rage icon when casting. The rage skill effects are very vital for the game. Like some rages cast poison on the opponent. some burn the opponent, and some diminish the opponent 2 rages etc. Players need arrange reasonably.

Famed Hero System
Some of hero cards on the game were famed heroes in the period of  Kingdoms. when you gather famed heroes cards. you can improve the affection with them in the Famed Hero System. When the affection reaches a certain degree, the main character can he upgraded as weli die power of other hero cards can be improved greatly. Some
special famed hero Affection reaches a certain degree. it will improve all heroes‘ Leadership. Power and Wit.
The system will he unlocked when players reach Lv.20! You can upgrade the affection with fame heroes by sending gifts to them or choose friendly affairs to improve the relationship. Some affairs can have quite interesting effects. can you imagine how hilarious when you dance with Zhang Fei in the moonlight? When the relationship reaches a certain degree, some heroes may confess to you! It may trigger some miracles.

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