Tuesday, December 16, 2014

King of Pirate Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hero Upgrade

[Upgrade effect] Card Upgrade Feature will improve the unique skill level of the card, the effective way to improve the card power-
[Materials] Card upgrading requires certain amount of cards, higher level and quality of the consumable cards, more Exp for the targeted card to get.
[Gold] Card upgrading requires certain amount of Gold, the amount determines by the current level of the target card, and the number of consumable cards.
[Card and Unique Skill] During the card upgrading, using the same career cards as the target card, there will be chances to increase the Unique Skill level of the target card.
[Unique Skill ] The higher level of the target card unique skill is, the more difficult to upgrade the skill; Higher quality of the same career material cards are, the higher chance to upgrade the target card unique skill.
[Fast Upgrade] Exp Fruit from the Fruit Factory Event, contains plenty of Card Exp, available to increase the target card level at a fast speed

Hero Advancement

[Advance Condition] Each card can be advanced before reaching the quality limit- Card power can be greatly improved after being advanced, the necessary method to strengthen the card-
[Effect of Advance] Card level remains the same after advanced, the level limit will be increased, skill level remains the same and skill level limit will be increased.
[Consumption of Advance] Card Advance requires materials, most Advance procedure just requires certain amount of the same class cards, few special card requires same card as itself when being advanced.

Equipment Forging

[Develop Room] Forging items in the Develop Room to increase the item quality, Develop Room is the effective way to improve the equipment power.
[Item Upgrade] Item Upgrade requires the current equipment, casting material and certain Gold, determined by the target item quality. [Obtain Item] Develop Room is the major method to obtain items in Battle King of Pirates, visit and improve the Develop Room on a .regular basis is the daily routine for each captain.

Hero Attribute

[Quality] Card quality can be divided into White, Green, Blue, Purple, while the Green, Blue, Purple cards have the breakthrough levels. Higher quality of cards means higher power. Same quality cards with higher breakthrough level, possess stronger power-
[Level] Based on the quality, each card has different level limit. After reaching the limit, the card quality can be improved by Card Advance Feature, to increase the card level limit. Card can't get Exp from clearing levels, only could be upgraded through Card Upgrade.
[Leadership] Leadership comes with the card, won't be changed with card level. Only change after the character card got advanced- Leadership means the required leadership points when going into battle. Higher quality of character card comes with higher leadership level.
[Combat Power] Combat Power represents the comprehensive strength of character card. Admirally the higher Combat Power card should have the priority to go to battle, while the career complementary needs to be under consideration too.
[Com bat Only] Certain character cards, only one can be used in the team at the same time.