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Hollywood U Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hollywood U Guide

What is Cash, and how do I get more?
Cash opens a lot of doors in Hollywood… and at HOLLYWOOD U, you’ll need it to add Friends, Buildings, and Decorations, and to go on certain Quests!
Every student in your Entourage earns Cash for their assigned Dorm! Just tap on a Dorm showing the Cash icon to collect it!
Higher-level Friends earn Cash faster, so add lots of Friends and level them up at the Workshop! You can also earn Cash by completing Quests, dating, visiting your Facebook friends’ campuses. Need more fast? Buy Cash from the Currency Store!

What are Diamonds and how do I get more?
Diamonds are a rare currency in Hollywood U but they are very powerful! Use them to speed up timers for Quests, Parties, and Dates! Diamonds can also unlock special Characters, Quests, Decorations, and upgrades!
You can get more Diamonds by completing certain Quests, Dates, or linking your Facebook friends and visiting their campuses through the Social button! You can also earn Diamonds by watching video ads!
Need more fast? Buy Diamonds from the Currency Store!

What does ‘Amour’ do? How do I use it?
‘Amour’ is the classiest dining destination in Hollywood! Any date you bring to Amour will surely be a success!
Find Amour in the Buildings Store! Once it’s ready, just tap it to start a Date!
Fill the Date requirements and watch the sparks fly! If you are done dating everyone in Amour, don’t worry, new dates are coming soon!

I’m not interested in someone anymore. How can I dump them?
If a Friend is asking you out and you’re not interested, just tell them so… or ignore them! They won’t be mad. They’re just happy to have you as a friend. If you change your mind later, talk to them at Amour. We bet they’d be willing to give love another chance...

What is Club VIP?
Club VIP is the hottest club in Hollywood! Anyone worth knowing is on the other side of that velvet rope. Throw Parties at Club VIP to meet talented new Friends!
Club VIP unlocks after the quest “Ready, Set, Pitch!, Part 2.” Find it in the Buildings Store! Once it’s ready, tap it to start Partying. Just choose two Friends to send out for a night of wild dancing! When they’re done, they’ll have met a new Friend to add to your Entourage!

What’s Partying, and how does it work?
Partying is one way to add new types of Friends to your Entourage! Just tap Club VIP, and send two Friends on a Party! When they’re done, they’ll have met a new Friend to add to your Entourage!
The type of Friend you meet depends on the types you sent on the Party. If you want to meet a certain type, be sure to combine Friends from your Entourage who have the right traits!
Combinations can also produce multiple types, some rarer than others! Ex. A Movie Star and a Fashionista will produce either a Model or, less often, a Celebutante. Keep trying to get the rarer type!
Want the other gender of a certain type? Every time you Party for that type, your chance of meeting the rarer gender goes up! Never stop Partying! Can’t wait? You can buy every type of Friend directly from the Store!

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