Friday, December 19, 2014

Hero of Legend Guide Cheats - Range Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hero of Legend Guide

There two types of attackers in the game. The melee type and the ranged type.
Melee types are those who attacks at a combat or near distance but they have a large health pool.
Range types are those who attacks a long distance but they have a small health pool.

Range attackers are the best offense in this game. If upgraded properly, they have a high damage output and can kill enemy fast before they can go at near distance.

They can be easily kill, right? Well the answer is yes but you can stacked them at the same lane and have an unstoppable range squad. You can kill enemies, melee or ranged at ease and kill the base fast.

1 Range - 4 Melee Lane Strategy

The game has 5 lanes to fight for and you only need at least 1 dominated lane to attack the enemy base.

In this strategy, you're goal is to stack the range attackers in a 1 chosen lane and defend your other lanes with melee attackers.


Range Lane -------------- Enemy Base
Melee Lane -------------- Enemy Base
Melee Lane -------------- Enemy Base
Melee Lane -------------- Enemy Base
Melee Lane -------------- Enemy Base

With this strategy, you can destroy the enemy base faster than your own base can be destroyed.
You don't have to worry if you're melee are not strong enough to defend. You goal is to delay the enemy attackers while you're range lane are stacking range attackers.
You should only use your coins for range upgrade. If you have a stacked upgraded range attackers, you can kill enemy and the enemy base at very fast rate!

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