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Castle Story: Winter Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Castle Story: Winter Guide

Building your Kingdom requires a careful balance of managing your resources, and increasing your Royal Points. If you're having problems keeping your Kingdom profitable, this page can help you out. There are several important aspects to growing your Kingdom: Increasing your Royal Points, Collecting Materials, Constructing Buildings, Crafting Items, Farming, and Expanding your Kingdom.
Increasing Your Royal Points
Your Kingdom's Royal Points is the key indicator of success. Increasing this will allow you to explore further in the forest and expand your Kingdom.
Your Current Royal Points are displayed on the main game screen, and is indicated with a purple and gold crown. As you build more Royal Buildings and Walls, your Royal Points Value will increase. Higher level buildings will give more Royal Points. Increasing your Kingdom's Royal Points also allows you expand your Kingdom further. For instructions on expanding your Kingdom, see the "Expanding Your Kingdom" section of this help file.
Gathering Materials
Materials like wood, stone, and iron ore can be obtained by chopping trees or mining rock piles in the area.
If you don't have any rocks or trees left, you can buy and place new ones from the Nature category of the Market.
You can also get materials from tending flowers and animals, harvesting crops, and gifting!
Constructing Buildings
There are 4 types of Buildings that you can build in your Kingdom: Royal, Town, Crafting, and Resource. Each of them have a different function, but are all built from the Market.
- Royal Buildings increase your current Royal Points, and can be collected for coins.
- Town buildings are one of your main sources of income. Some Town buildings are unlocked when you meet new characters in the forest.
- Crafting Buildings allow you to create items and decorations for your Kingdom.
- Resource Buildings generate crafting materials for you to collect.

Here's how you construct a Building:
Step 1: Tap on the Market Icon.
Step 2: Tap on the Building Category.
Step 3: Tap on the Sub Category you want (Royal/Town/Craft/Resource).
Step 4: Choose the Building you want to Build.
Step 5: Tap on the 'Place' button to place your building down.
Step 6: Tap on the construction site until construction is complete.
Step 7: Tap on the Building to finish construction. This may require materials from trees and rocks, or crafted items from a workshop. You can also buy these materials directly, or ask friends to send you them.
Crafting Items
Crafting is one of the most important things inside the game. Many quests and buildings will require you to make items that are needed inside your various crafting buildings. There are currently 4 different crafting buildings for you to create: The Workshop, The Forge, the Potion Shop, and the Kitchen. Each of these buildings have a different set of recipes that you can create.
Workshops are used for creating building materials such as Stone Blocks, and glue. You can also create several unique decorations to place around your Kingdom.
The Forge is used for creating suits of armor, weapons, and several other quest related items.
The Potion Shop will be essential to helping lift the curse that has befallen the inhabitants of the forest. You will also be able to create several essential items needed for crafting in other buildings.
The Kitchen creates meals which are needed for Adventuring. Your adventurers will be on quests of glory in far off places and will need your prepared meals in order to come back victorious with their spoils.

You can build a Crafting building from the Market under the Craft subcategory of buildings.
Crops are your primary source of food (needed for Kitchen recipes) and earning income. They are planted inside farm plots which can be purchased inside the market in the Nature category.
Once you have placed an empty farm plot, you can tap on it to select a crop to plant. Planting a crop will consume coins, and will take a specific amount of time to complete. Once your crop is ready to harvest, you can tap on it to collect. Crops produce coins as well as specific food needed for Kitchen recipes (Harvesting Corn gives you Corn).
Expanding your Kingdom
Expanding your Kingdom to nearby parts of the forest requires you to be at least level 3 and meet the requirements for that specific part of the forest. The 3 main requirements to expand are Coins, Royal Points, and Crystals. Your Coins and Crystals are consumed when you expand, but your current Royal Point value for your Kingdom must be equal or greater than what is required for that expansion in order to unlock it..

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