Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ambush! Tower Defense/Offense Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Ambush! Tower Defense/Offense Guide

Offense: Attack other players to steal resources from their bases.
Defense: Expand your kingdom by defending neutral villages from raiders

Ambush! Tower Defense Objective

  • Don't let enemies get at your base!
  • Build tower and kill those pesky enemies.
  • Watch out of your health points, zero means game over.

For Tower Defense Tips

  • Use Arrow towers versus scout portal.
  • Use Cannon tower versus infantry portal.
  • Use Magic tower versus time portal.
  • Use Sound tower to slow down enemies.
  • You can kill an evil hero easily by using boosters
  • You can earn experience for gained resources, expand increases your level!
  • Use meteor to eliminate large groups of monsters
  • Set up mines when your towers are not enough!

Ambush! Tower Offense Objective
  • Produce points by letting your monster pass through their base.
  • Build portals until the time ends.

For Tower Offense Tips
  • Use Infantry vs arrow towers.
  • Use "support us all" towers supports can heal other monsters.
  • Use health flask to heal your units.
  • Use chilling touch to freeze towers.
  • Big health and armor taunts towers.
  • Medium health and armor summons additional monsters.
  • Medium resistance and health heals other monsters.
  • High speed and resistance regenerate health.
  • Assault Rivals frequently for more resources!
  • When choosing a territory to assault. Only territories with resources are worth attacking.