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AdventureQuest Dragons Guide Cheats - Redeem Code Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

AdventureQuest Dragons Guide

  • Your Quest evolve your dragon!
  • Your dragon loves treasure.
  • Tap the gem to earn gems.
  • Use your gems to buy the evolve upgrade and raise your dragon to an adult.
  • Get upgrades and your dragon earns gems on it's own.
  • Unlock 12 dragons and raise them all!
  • Unlock dragons with dragon keys!
  • Get dragon keys by raising dragons, watching ads, buy them from the options menu.

Click Power: Increases the gem value of your each click.
Tips: Upgrade this if you want to play actively!
Offline Gems: You will earn the percentage of your current coins for specific hours!
Tips: Bonus gems when you exit the game
Auto Gem: Increases your passive gem income.
Tips: You will not gain any gems when you exit the game, but it gives more gems compared to offline gems.
Train Dragon up to Hunting: Increases your passive gem income depending on its cost and ranked tasks.
Tips: To help you decide when to buy lower ranked or high rank tasks. You need to see its current cost followed by its value, compared it with other tasks.

AdventureQuest Dragons Cheat

Hide Ads: You can hide ads by just turning your internet connection off. You may also purchase any amount of dragon key to hide ads.
Watch a Video: Earn Green Gems by watching a sponsored video. You can only watch few ads and wait for another hour or you can cheat it by just changing your time device.

AdventureQuest Dragons Code

Enter AdventureQuest Dragons redeem code to receive gift. Codes may be entered only once
Code: d0 72 6d 9e

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