Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Walk A Funghi Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Funghi's growth
Give Food to funghi to level up
Higher the level, they will pick up more ingredients.
Funghi gains bonus experience when they are given their favorite Food.
Funghi experience are shared divided amongst all funghi.

Funghi List
Can check the information on other funghi friends.
For important funghi you want to keep, set them as your "Favorite" to prevent accidental release.
Displays "Pick Up Chance" and "Type" of ingredients.

Funghi will only pick up ingredients that matches with their Type.
Buckets can pick up all Types of ingredients.
If you don't have a funghi that can pick up the ingredient that you need,
try leveling up a funghi or Lure a new funghi.

Go out walking with lunch box
Have a funghi carry Food as a Lunch Box to extend the time they go out on a walk.
Longer they go out for a walk, they have a better chance to pick up more ingredients!
(Can't carry over the capacity of the container)
Food with better Filling stat will extend the walking duration more
To cancel the Lunch Box, tap on "Back?

Finish a quest
Quest contain description on what funghi wants to do and what needs to be done.
Meet the requirements to finish a quest. Quest will reward you with new recipe and new walk locations
Tap on the quest title to see the details. (You can also check on completed quests too)
You can also see previous "Prologue" and "Epilogue" by tapping on each button.

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