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NBA General Manager 2015 Guide Cheats - General Manager Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

NBA General Manager is a game that allows you to manage all aspects of your favorite NBA team to demonstrate what you know about the most exciting basketball league

Once signed into the game, the Board of Directors of your team will provide you with your first necessary resources: These are the following:

11 players
5,000,000 cash
25 coins
From that point on, the destiny of your team is in your hands.

The players are the main resource of your team. Take care of them and line up the best 5-man unit at any moment.

The feature that makes NBA General Manager a unique game is that the players` skills in the game depend on their performance in real life.

Players` performance refers to the skill points that any player receives after 5 games played in real life.

The statistics of the real life games taken into account are as follows:

The average of the players` statistics in these 5 games, supplies him with a skill value. The player maintains this value in the game until his team plays another 5 games in real life.

Players performances are updated after 5 league games in real life.

There are SPECIAL players that are not governed by the rules cited above; these are NBA LEGENDS.

They are retired players and their Performance`s value does not change like it does for the "active" players

Instead these players have a fixed performance score that depends on the average statistics from his entire career.

You can find a retired player every day in the Free Agents list.

This value distinguishes who is just a good player and who is one of the best. The higher the player value, the stronger the player and the better chances you have of winning.

This value is calculated as follows:

The base score is his current Performance.
Then, a bonus is applied according to the player's level (improve player)
Finally, a bonus score is counted according to the power ups owned by the user.

This is the main value of the game. This is what determines the quality of your team and it's your duty to increase this value as much as possible.

It is calculated as follows:
100% of the Player Value of your 5-man unit players
100% of the Player Value of your 6th man
50% of the Player Value of the other 4 players on the bench
As you can see, the most important players are those in your 5-man unit also including your 6th man. Pay attention and always line up your best players in order to maximize your TEAM VALUE.

1.8 CASH
Cash makes up one of the two virtual currencies in the game required to hire new players, buy items in the shop, etc.

You can earn cash in any of the following ways:

Winning streak
Adding fans
Level-Up bonus
Daily Bonus reward
Reward for completing tournaments
Rewards for completing tasks
You can also buy additional cash in the store.
Other managers can take a portion of cash even larger than the amount you have available (outside of the bank). In these cases, the defeated user will be left with a negative budget. Keep in mind that if you have a negative budget, you won't be able to gain neither experience nor receive more challenges from other managers

Coins make up the other virtual currency of the game. You can use them to sign up players, buy items in the shop and to strengthen your team.

You can earn coins in any of the following ways:

Level-Up bonus
Daily Bonus reward
Reward for completing tournaments
Rewards for completing tasks
Special promotions
You can also buy coins in the shop.

The fastest way to gain experience is by playing games. Each game played against another team costs 15 energy points.

The TEAM VALUE of both teams influences the result of the game. But please keep in mind that having a higher team value doesn`t always ensure that you will win the game.

The higher your TEAM VALUE, the higher the chances you have of winning.

You gain experience points after winning a game. After winning games, you can also achieve certain missions/tasks that can help you earn even more cash for your team.

When you lose a game, your opponent takes some of your money and gains experience as well.

This is another principle aspect of the game. Keep checking the Auction because you can always find players on sale.


Find all the players currently in the auction! The starting price of all the auctions is 40% of the market value of the player.

The fee for each bid is 1 coin. When another manager outbids you, a notification message will be sent to you suggesting that you bid again if you don`t want to lose the auction.

When the auction countdown ends, the General Manager who had the highest bid in that moment receives the player.

If you want to have the player without bidding, you can use the “Buy Now” option and the player will immediately join your team.

Limited editions

From time to time some players are sold as limited edition. These players will be available for a limited time or with limited units.

Limited edition players usually are the best of the day so they usually have a high skill value. They will be very helpful to make your team stronger.

Limited edition players always have a lower price in respect to their market price! Keep checking back and take advantage of these deals!

Release players

Your team can have a maximum of 20 players in your roster. If you reach this limit and you want to hire new players, you should release some of your players in order to make room for new ones.

You can do it in the section "More -> Team File". This action neither penalizes nor provides benefit to your team.

The destiny of your team is in your hands. Complete all of the tournaments and rise to the top with your team.

They are classified in divisions; you must complete 5 tournaments (1 for each NBA Team) in each division to reach the finals.

Tournaments consist of a series of games in which you must win in order to place your team among the top 3. If you get it, the game will let you join the next tournament.

Each tournament has a unique reward that improves your TEAM VALUE.

Keep in mind that any unlocked tournament will be harder than the previous one.

How far will you be able to lead your team?

Connect to your Facebook account and you can compare your progress with that of your friends. Who will manage to get the farthest?

The league is the authentic competition of the game. When your team reaches level 5, it will be included in the NBA General Manager League.

Your goal is to reach the ALL-STAR division where the best managers of the the NBA will be playing.

Your team plays 1 game every 8 hours. These games are played automatically so, in this way, you won't be using any energy to play them.

The Regular Season which starts every Monday, consists of a total of 15 games (3 against each opponent) and at the end, the top 4 teams will move on to the playoffs and the 2 teams on the bottom will drop one division.

The Playoffs which begin every Saturday, will be the best of 3 games. This means that the first team to win 2 games wins the round. The team that becomes the champion in the playoffs will move up to the next division.

Your role is to get your team ready so that when the time comes to play a game, you have the highest TEAM VALUE possible.

The league prizes depend on the division in which you finish. The higher the division, the better the prizes.

Any user who remains 15 days without entering the game will drop one division.

*Notice: If, due to technical issues any game is not processed, that game will be canceled.

Here you can see which of your players will play in your games.

You get to decide which players will make up your 5-man unit and who will be on the bench.

Remember that the players in your 5-man unit, as well as your 6th man, make up 100% of their PLAYER VALUE, while the players on the bench only make up 50%.

While choosing your lineup, you can see that your TEAM VALUE changes accordingly. This can be very helpful to be able to choose the best lineup.

The best 5-man unit

This option allows you to line up your best 5-man unit in a matter of seconds. The system finds the players with highest PLAYER VALUE and puts them in your 5-man unit.

Remember that this option does not choose any of the players on the bench, so it may be that you can  improve your TEAM VALUE even more by selecting substitutes yourself.

Do you already have a skillful team? Your job doesn`t end here! Keep improving your TEAM VALUE by increasing the level of your best players. You'll see just how much the strength of your team can increase!

Your players` strength (value) multiplies every time they reach a new level. Players values grow as follow:

Level 1 -> No change
From level 2 to 20 -> +5% per level
From level 21 to 50 -> +10% per level

A General Manager hired Lebron James. James had a winning streak in the last 5 games and he gained 200 Performance points.

He`ll receive the following bonus according to the level:

At level 1: There is no additional bonus so he`ll maintain 200 PLAYER VALUE

At level 10: 5% bonus per level, that corresponds in this case to 50% bonus of his Performance = 300 PLAYER VALUE.

Level 20: 5% bonus per level, that corresponds in this case to 100% bonus of his Performance = 400 PLAYER VALUE.

Level 30: 5% bonus per level until reaching level 20, and 10% per level starting from level 20, adding up to a 200% bonus on his Performance = 600 Player Value

Level 40: 5% bonus per level until reaching level 20, and 10% per level starting from level 20, adding up to a 300% bonus on his Performance = 800 Player Value

Level 50 (maximum): 5% bonus per level until reaching level 20, and 10% per level starting from level 20, adding up to a 400% bonus on his Performance = 1,000 Player Value
A General Manager needs to be surrounded by efficient employees in order to lead his team well. The first employee that you have is the Head Coach.

This employee allows you to train and improve more players at the same time. Also, when you have a better Head coach, you'll be able to reach higher levels with your players.

The benefits of the "Head Coach" are as follows:

Level 1: 1 improvement slot and players until level 5.

Level 2: 1 improvement slot and players until level 9.

Level 3: 2 improvement slot and players until level 19.

Level 4: 2 improvement slot and players until level 29.

Level 5: 3 improvement slot and players until level 39.

Level 6 (maximum): 3 improvement slot and players until level 50.

4.1 BANK
The bank is the safest place to keep your money. Other General Managers take a percentage of your budget after defeating you in a challenge. The purpose of the bank is to minimize these losses, since you lose a portion of the cash that you have available out of the bank.

The transfers you can make in the bank are as follows:

Deposit cash: The bank charges a 10% fee on the  amount deposited.
Withdraw cash: The bank does not charge any fee for this operation.
Remember that the bank has limited storage so manage your cash well both inside and outside the bank.

4.2 FANS
These feature is unlocked at level 2.

Get as many fans as possible. You can do this in the shop or by sending invitations to your Facebook, iPhone and/or Android friends, depending on the platform used to play the game.

You earn 100.000 cash for each fan added.

Furthermore, when you reach a certain number of fans, you`ll be rewarded with:

5 fans - 10 coins
25 fans - 25 coins
50 fans - Exclusive booster x 250
100 fans - 50 coins
300 fans - Exclusive booster x 1,000
Manage the city of your NBA franchise!

Do you have any inactive players? Well, that shouldn't happen! All of your players need to help you build the best NBA franchise.

Send all of your inactive players to work in your Sports City. They can help you earn cash and experience for your team. The more jobs you do, the better the rewards you will get.

Manager your players efficiently and you'll see just how much your benefits increase.

Ah! Don't forget to hire a new Marketing Director who will allow you to continue growing. Your team deserves to have the best employees at your disposal.

The employee that you have at your disposal in the Franchise section is the Marketing Director.

She will allow you to complete jobs at a higher level and send more players to work at the same time. Also, when you higher a better Marketing Director, you will be able to save more money in the bank.

The benefits of the "Marketing Director" are as follows:

Level 1: 50 million in the bank, 1 player working at once and jobs until level 1

Level 2: 60 million in the bank, 1 player working at once and jobs until level 2

Level 3: 70 million in the bank, 2 players working at once and jobs until level 4

Level 4: 85 million in the bank, 3 players working at once and jobs until level 6

Level 5: 100 million in the bank, 4 players working at once and jobs until level 8

Level 6 (maximum): 150 million in the bank, 5 players working at once and jobs until level 10

If you need an extra bonus, go the Store. There you can:

Recharge the energy
Buy coins
Buy cash
NEW!: Protection mode
Remember that limited editions (except players) are also available in the shop.

Power ups enhance the Player Value of your players- Some of them only have effect on specific positions (guards, forwards or centers) and others affect the whole team.

Each power up has its own number of units (games) that drops 1 unit after each league game or any challenge launched to other General Managers. The number of units (games) won't decrease when other managers launch challenges against you.

You can increase the duration (games) of your power ups at any time in the store. When you run out of power ups (games), they disappear from your team info and they will no longer give their bonus to your players.

Connect to your Facebook account and, when your boosters run out, you will be able to ask your friends for some extras.

In this section you can see all of the information pertaining to your team. There you can see:

Your name and level
TEAM VALUE of your team
Total wins, daily wins and winning streaks
Next rewards
Available Cash and money saved in the bank
List of all the players of your team
List of all your power ups
Also, by selecting the name of another manager in any part of the game you can see all his team info. There you can see:

His name and level
Total wins, daily wins and winning streaks
Available Cash
List of all his players
There you can find all the general info of your account, There you can see:

Your user name
Your user ID
Your country
Language that you can change at any time
Other interesting links
Enter the game day by day to receive amazing prizes. The more days you enter in a row, the better prizes you will receive, such as:

Power ups
Enter every day to take advantage of this opportunity and fight to be the best NBA General Manager.

This feature is available for both platforms (iOS/Android).

Compare your scores and achievements with other General Managers through Game Center (iOS) or Google Play Services (Android) and see who has the best progress.

This ranking is sorted by experience points.

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