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Miss Dota Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1. Types of fairies
According to stats, fairies can be divided into 3 kinds.
ST fairies‘ main stat is Strength and have high HP.
Agility fairies‘ main stat is Agility and have high Haste.
Intellect fairies‘ main stat is Intellect and have high
resistance ,Magic Power.

2.Fairy Spell
Each fairy can master 3 common spells and 1 ultimate-
spell (short for ult). Fairies will unlock the spells one
after another as they reach certain levels. As the fairy
levels up, the level cap of their spells will raise. The
level cap of common spells is 30 and ultimate spells
can hit level 20 at most.

3.Location of fairies
There are 3 rows, namely the front, mid and rear rows
for fairies. Generally speaking, the Strength fairies
should be in the front row, and the Agility fairies and
Intellect fairies should be behind in turn.
Better positioning can make your squad stronger.

4.Fairy Quality
The quality of fairies is distinguished by color from the
lowest to the highest respectively White, Green, Blue,
Purple and Orange. The Orange fairies are the best
but it is the hardest to summon them.

5.Game Dungeon
Only a limited number of times are available for
challenging the fifth stage of each Common Dungeon.
Each stage of the Elite Dungeons can be challenged for a
limited number oi times but will give better rewards than
the Common Dungeons.Each stage oi the Event Dungeons
can be challenged tor a limited number oi times loo but will
give best rewards.

6.Fairy Spirit
You may loot fairies in battle. The BOSSes will drop
Fairy Spirits. With enough Fairy Spirits, you can then
summon a fairy. There are also Universal Spirits the
upgraded version of Fairy Spirit. Universal Spirits
can be used to summon the fairies that you have ever
owned. Amazing, huh‘?

7, Fairies level up
To level up. the fairy needs to devour other fairies, or
some certain items which can be looted in the Event
Dungeon, "Academy of Mage".

8.Fairy Evolve
Except for the Orange fairies, all the other fairies can
be evolved to raise level cap when they hit their current
level cap. It will cost certain materials to evolve a fairy.
To evolve a fairy, click Home—>Evolve—>Target Fairy.

9.Spell Upgrade
To upgrade a fairy's spell, you must consume some is
materials. The level cap of a fairy's spell depends on the
fairy's quality.
The materials for upgrading spells include:
Square Slate of Strength—For the Strength fairies.
Square Slate of Agility-—For the Agility fairies.
Square Slate of Intellect—For the Intellect fairies.

10. Friends
Before start battle, you need to choose the leader oFa—
player's squad to help. The fairy will not appear in the
battlefield but will increase your stat by 20% according
to their main stat. For example, a Strength fairy will
increase your Strength by 20%.
When a battle ends, you will gain a certain number of
Kindness. You may spend Kindness to draw prizes by
following the steps: Home—> Mall—> Kindness.
Additionally, friends can present SP to each other
each day.

11 .Quest
You do not need to accept any quest. Once you meet the-
certain requirements, you will complete the quest and
can then claim your rewards in the quest log.
Some quests can be completed every day, which are
quite like the "daily login" system. So remember to enter
game everyday.

12. Mall
If you encounter problems below, please click the Mall button.
1.You have no empty slot for a new fairy and you do not want
to sell any fairy.
2.You are out of SP and you want to fully restore SP at once.
3.Your squad is too weak but you don't want to spend much
time in challenging dungeons.

13.About equip
The equip mechanism will be accessible when you
reach level 28.
Equip will automatically work on the fairies in your
So when you change a fairy in your squad, your
equip will work on the new fairy instead.
Each slot in your squad can equip 6 equippable
items at most and they can even equip identical items.
For example, you may equip a slot with 3 pairs of
Gloves of Strength.

14.Unlock slots
The level requirements to unlock equipment slots
depend on your own level as listed below:
Level 10: 1 equipment slot can be unlocked.
Level 20: 2 equipment slots can be unlocked.
Level 30: 3 equipment slots can be unlocked.
Level 40: 4 equipment slots can be unlocked.
Level 45: 5 equipment slots can be unlocked.
Level 50: 6 equipment slots can be unlocked.

15.Quality of equipment
The quality of equipment is distinguished by color from
lowest to highest, respectively White, Green, Blue,
Purple, Orange and Red.
The level cap of equipment depends on their quality as
shown below:
White: Level 40.
Green: Level 60.
Blue: Level 80..
Purple: Level 100.
Orange: Level 120.
Red: Level 140.

16.Upgrading equipment
Equip's stats will increase as it is upgraded. So, to
become stronger, upgrade your equip. How does
equip get EXP to level up?
The answer is "devour equip". This is quite similar to
the "fairy upgrade" mechanism. First of all, prepare
some "material" equip, then let your target equip
"devour" those materials. Then your target equip will
gain EXP but the materials will disappear. With
enough EXP, the target equipment will level up.

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