Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Honey Trap Guide Cheats - Hero Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hero Pray
Recruit A level Heroes can greatly improve strength.
A level Heroes can be earned when using ingots for Golden Recruitment.
If no A Level is drawn when using ingots or Pray Token for Golden Pray Token, the chance of earning A Level will increase for the next recruit round until an A level Hero is obtained (The percentage will reset after).

Cultivate Aptitude
Heroes have free Aptitude points that can be allocated to the 4 Aptitudes by using the Hero Soul to cultivate. Reincarnation can be done after free Aptitude points are allocated, greatly improving Aptitude and to receive more free points.

Favor Belle
Using Flowers to favor a belle can increase her level and gain higher damage as well as damage mitigation bonus. New Form and skill can also be unlocked Use different skills in different battles to gain better results.

Light Totem
Energy can be gained by Battles, the higher the star level the more the Energy.
Every light costs 100 Energy, and team's attributes will be increased after lighting.
When all the totems are lit, there will be a special bonus.
Different totems correspond to different attributes and the success rate of lighting varies. Please choose carefully.

Passive Skill
Passive Skill Books can be obtained from Trial and Secret Treasure can be upgraded by devouring Skill EXP Books and other useless Passive Skill Books to gain higher attributes.

Use Gold to enhance equipment, the sale price will increase Clearing the battles to receive equipment above purple quality with higher attribute. Please don't waste the challenge opportunity offered each day.
Equipment higher than the Spirit level can be improved through Purification. The sketch needed for this process can be purchased in the Corps Shop

Evolve Gem
When players reach Lv 35, they can evolve gems. Evolved gems will cost a certain number of Soul Pearls. Skill damage dealt will be increased after evolving. Soul Pearls can be found in the Corps Shop.

This feature unlocks at Lv 55.
Each Hero can be equipped with up to 5 Pearls, each Pearl has some Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain attributes. When these 4 attributes reach a certain level, the corresponding BUFF can be activated.
Each Hero can only receive one BUFF.

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