Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ghost Blade Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Touch and drag to move the character

It also provide another moving mode.
You can switch to the mode in setting

Fast horizontal swipe for attacking

Fast down swipe for evading

Down swipe at right/left/top/bottom
for evading right/left/top/bottom side

Switching from the targets for the Power Cleave

Keep switching among the targets for more Power Cleave

Touching things or people for investigating.

Horizontal swipe over more than one target for Whirlwind.

Touch with two fingers for direction

Swipe above the stone can make you jump onto the stone.

The blue bar above means health. Killing enemies blue soul,
it is for restoring your health bar.

The purple crystal is for purchasing costume and inventories.

When the enemy defends, Power Cleave can smash the defence quickly.

When the enemy glows green, horizontal swipe for Counter Strike.

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