Friday, November 7, 2014

Bitcoin Billionaire Guide Cheats - Investment Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Bitcoin Billionaire
The point of Bitcoin Billionaire is to get rich mining virtual bitcoiins!
The way you accomplish this is by tapping the screen quickly to mine bitcoins and then using those bitcoins to buy investments and upgrades.

Investments allow you to increase your bitcoin earning speed without having to tap.
The more investments you own, the faster you build bitcoins.
Each higher tier investment earns much more per second than the prior.
Always buy the highest you can afford to earn the fasters!

Offline Income
Upgrading each Investment allows you to earn bitcoins every time you go offline (i.e, close the game)
Each upgrade level earns more and lasts longer. Come back to the game often to claim your earnings and reset the timer. Upgrades will heavily speed your progress!
Tip: Make sure to enable Notifications so you know when your offline time is up!

Offline Example
If you own 5 Comic Book Investments, they will earn a total of 120 b/sec while you are playing.
If you fully upgraded that investment, it would earn 50% for a maximum of 20 minutes while the game is closed.
120 b/sec x 50% = 60 b/sec
60 b/sec x 20 minutes = Max Possible: 72,000 b or 72 kb.

Bitminer Upgrades
Upgrading your Bitminer Software allows you to earn more for each tap.
Bitminer upgrades also unlock room upgrades which allow you to show your wealth and customize the look of your space!

Shipping Boxes
Opening boxes awards you bonuses and Hyperbits.
Boxes will show up often while playing. You can collect up to 25 Hyperbits every day just by opening boxes!