Monday, November 24, 2014

Across Age 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Attacking Tips
Attack enemies from a diagonal direction to minimize counterattacks

Special Attacks
Learn sword skills by meeting goals in certain locations Magic can be used to solve certain puzzles in addition to damaging enemies.

Charge Attacks
Hold down the Action button to charge up and unleash more powerful skills and spells.

Team and Solo Modes
In Team Mode, both characters act together. They are forced back together when entering or leaving fields/dungeons.

Only Ales can do this. Face Ceska or certain objects and press this button to lift it above your head. You cannot switch characters when carrying things.

Only Ales can do this. When carrying something, press the button once more to throw it. This can be used to reach new p|aces or get objects into areas you couldn't otherwise reach.

Recovering with Equipped Items Press the Equipped Item button to use the active character's equipped item. Items that affect only one character will only affect the character using it.

Item Drops (Support)
During boss fights, support items may appear from time to time. However, some of these are booby trapped to deal damage, so look closely

ltem Drops (Chests)
Silver boxes contain random items that temporarily aid you in battle. Effects include boosting speed, attack power, and more! The gauge shows effect time

Rebirth Stones can be used to transform items. Transformed items might become more powerful, or turn into something new.

The Rebirth Process
Ceska must use the Across Age spell to go to the past or present. Place an item into the Rebirth Spring along with a Rebirth stone, then switch time periods to collect the reborn item. Reborn items cannot be reborn again.

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