Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Big Adventure Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Using your phone like a shovel, dig
to uncover keys for your chance to
win a new Mitsubishi Outlander!
There's also loads of instant_ prizes
up for grabs, so keep watching
The Big Adventure to play along at

Open the app to the ‘waiting for shovel’
screen and get ready to play.
Watch The Big Adventure on Channel Seven
Wait for the on-screen countdown timer and
make sure that the volume on your TV is
turned up and your phone isn't on silent.

When the on-screen countdown timer
reaches zero, you have ten seconds to pick
the first of the three squares you want to dig
After you've picked your first square, hold
your phone firmly in both hands as you
would a shovel.

Using your phone, dig the square you've
picked as fast as you can by thrusting your
phone downward, then over your shoulder, as
if you were actually digging.
If you hit the bottom in time, you could be an
instant prize winner or go in to the draw to
win a brand new Mitsubishi Outlander!

Once done, repeat until you've dug three
Then keep Watching The Big Adventure to
play again. The more you play the more
chances you have to Win.
And remember, this game runs against a
timer, so quick decision making is key!

Play along at home while The Big Adventure
is on TV. Dig on your own, with friends or get
the Whole family digging. Keep
your eye out for the countdown timer to start
digging your Way to great prizes.

To ensure you avoid causing damage or
injury to yourself or others, make sure you
grip your phone firmly whilst playing and
position yourself with at least two metres
clearance on all sides.