Saturday, September 6, 2014

Stylish Sprint 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Let's learn the basic controls!
First, let's learn the basic Jump
Tap the bottom button.
Second, let's learn to Double Jump.
Tap on the Jump button in the air for an additional jump
You will be able to jump higher and farther.

Depending on your acquired points you get one of
the 3 trophies: Gold, Silver or Bronze Trophy
Gems are important for getting points. The order of point
amount you get is as follows (from high to low) :
red Ruby, green Emerald and blue Sapphire.
The acquired points will be displayed on the top
of the screen

You can easily check the Quest goal and current status
by reference to the goal gauge on the right side.

Coins acquired during the game
can be used for upgrading characters,
purchasing boosters etc.

To use Flying tap the Jump button again
after performing Double Jump.
lf you press the button, you will go up and
if you release it you will go down. Simple! Let's try it!

lf you use Flying, the green gauge on the top left will
decrease. Flying is a skill to fly freely, but it cannot be
used when there isn't enough stamina.
Stamina will recover automatically with time.

Points are accumulated each time you
Jump, Double Jump, Fly,
conduct Action. Run in style!

With Flying you can make a variety of moves
Try to learn various practical usages.

From FOREST OF THE BEGINNING you can use boosters
before starting the game.

You can get free stuffs in Stylish Sprint 2 app by logging in daily anytime. You can get this cheat by changing your phone's time setting.
  1. Close your Stylish Sprint 2 app by either restarting your phone or by killing it on your task manager.
  2. Set your time in advance for 1 day above.
  3. Open Stylish Sprint 2 app and get your daily rewards.
  4. If you decided to get instant daily rewards, just complete the step 1-3.
If you want to go back at your current date just follow this steps
  1. Open Stylish Sprint 2app but do not play a single game.
  2. Close your app by either restarting your phone or by killing it on your task manager
  3. Go to settings and change your time/date to your current time/date.
  4. Open Stylish Sprint 2 app just to make sure that there is no problem.