Saturday, October 25, 2014

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Guide Cheats - Formulas Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Keep your finger pressed while jumping to move and climb
Drag your finger through three or more nearby blocks of the same color to match and destroy them.
If you get stuck, try looking around for matches by dragging your character in different directions.
You can double-tap your character or the move area to re-center the screen.

Swipe down on a block with empty space below it. This will cause it to fall.
A star is a rare object that is hidden in most levels.
You will need to collect them to enter new areas later on your journey. Be sure to look around and find as many as you can!
Matching and dropping blocks uses up energy.
Note that you have a limited supply of energy at the start of each level.
Collect power rocks to restore some of that energy.
Some blocks have gold and other treasure embedded inside them. Collect as much as you can!
Note that all gold and items collected in a level will be lost if you don't complete it.

Formulas are combination of different colored blocks.
To activate one, match colored blocks in the order the formula specifies.
Tap the pause button to see a list of your available formulas.
You can upgrade your formulas and unlock new ones at your camp.

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