Monday, September 1, 2014

Star Girl Fashion:CocoPPa Play Guides Cheats - Android iPhone Game

Change Outfit
To change avatar's outfit, go to My Show > Edit and tap the model.
You can create up to 4 models in My Show.

Leader Model
You cannot set "Posing", "Frame" and "Wallpaper" in edit page.
Leader Model is always placed in the center stage. You cannot remove the model from the stage. You can set "Posing", Frame" and "Wallpaper" in Edit Page.

My Model
You can add up to 3 models after lvl. 10
All outfits from your closet is the sharing with 4 models including Leader Model.
You cannot share the same outfit for some models at the same time.

You need energy to cheer in HP gauge. 1 Cheer will spend 12 HP.
1 HP will be refilled per minute, and 60 HP will be refilled for 60 min.
The upper limit of Energy will increase when your level get higher.

Gift is a special item which you can use for growing Town's Rank UP, Quest or Event.
You can get various Gifts by cheering for shows.
To check Gifts, go to Menu > My items and you can view Gifts.

Smile Point
You can get smile point by cheering shows.
You may get the point by quest or login bonus.
The point is available to purchase items at the shop.
To check the number of points, go to My Show or Map > Shop and you can get check it.

Full Bonus
When you have 10 supporters, you can get a full bonus.
You can check the number of supporters by the gauge on the lower screen of My Show.

You can get different kind of outfits by playing Gacha.
You can play Gacha by P-Coins or Ticket.

SP Gacha
A Gacha which you can play with SP Gacha Ticket.
Go to Gacha > Gacha List and choose "SP Gacha" to play.

SP Gacha Ticket
You need 1 SP Gacha Ticket to play SP Gacha 1 time.
You may get