Sunday, September 28, 2014

Soccer Spirits Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You can Evolve your player when the player reaches Lv. 50.
The MAX stat limit is increased and The player get new skills when Evolved

You can start Superb Power-up by training with the same characters,
for which you'll receive a bonus for all of the stats and an additional skill bonus.

Try a long pass if you can't get through the middle line.

When you pass, the Attack Power of the player that receives the pas is increased

The penetration damage is decreased by 50% for goalkeepers.

The chances of stealing the ball increases with high Technique.

The in´Čéicted damage decreases
and the Cooperative Defense chance increases with high Defense.

You can get Crystals by Evolving your players.

You can get GP by selling players of 3-Star of higher and managers.

Rival and Boss characters can‘t be traded or sold for GP.

Use Kuma or Evolved Kuma as training material to get a lot of EXP.

You can trade your Evolved character with Superb Power-up +5 fora random character of the same grade if you use Neris as the training material

One of the stats will increase by 5 if you use Beelzebub as the training material

ST is recharged every 5 minutes and BP is recharged every 3 minutes.

You can use up to 4 Battle Balls for free for the Galaxy Super League. Battle Balls are recharged 

You can use up to 3 Globes for free for scouting. Globes are recharged.

Rewards for Colosseum of Despair can be collected 12 hours after the ranking

You can collect Crystals according to the characters your acquire by going to the Character Menu in management

Your ST and BP are fully charged when your Rank goes up.

Your MAX ST, MAX BP, and MAX No. of friends increase when your Rank goes up

You can play the chapters you already cleared in Auto Mode.

All matches in Space-Time Continuum can be played in Auto Mode.

You can get extra Gold by playing in the Weekend Matches in Space-Time Continuum.

You can get Swirlies used for increasing player stats by playing in the Weekend Matches in Space-Time Continuum.