Friday, September 5, 2014

Optika Guides Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Optika Air Tips

  • Your main task is to ignite receivers with the light beams outgoing from emitters. If all the receivers are ignited, you get access to the next level!
  • A mirror can reflect the beams of light. Rotate it to the right direction.
  • You can enlarge the mirror if it is too small. Try to enlarge it until it reaches the beam of light.
  • Black thingies can absorb all the photons, thus preventing the emitter from igniting! It would be tricky to pass through them.
  • You can charge the mirror backside state to transparent, mirroring or absorbing by tapping on its type button.
  • If the color of these receiver does not match the laser's color. You have to change it to the right one! Just tap the color icons!
  • A luminophore can change the color of light into another one.
  • Color filters ca only transmit photons with specified color. The other ones would be absorbed by it!
  • You can focus a beam of light on a point or spread by using lens.
  • Magnets attract or push back photons which appear in their field. Just change the force of the magnet.
  • Director can change the direction of beams or concentrate them in the necessary area.
  • An accelerator allows you to change photons speed. Try to adjust it to the optimal level.
  • A stabilizer changes photons speed to a fix value.

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