Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DevilWorks Guides Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

HP Stats
Used up in training and village raids.
Recovered with rest, cake, and potions.
TV ITEM: Speed up your monster's rest but it will speed up your monster's hunger also. If you use tv while your monster is raiding, it's HP will drain faster.
PLANT ITEM: Use it for quick recovery and more faster than a TV item.
SANDCLOCK ITEM: Stops time thus stops HP recovery.
TOADSTOOL ITEM: Makes your monster's HP drain.

Represents hunger, your monsters need to eat!
Recovered with monster feed and cake.
TV ITEM: Speed up your monster's hunger.
SANDCLOCK ITEM: Stops time thus stops monster's hungry.

Affected by age and evolutionary stage.
Reduced by going to the toilet.
Increased with cake and monster feed.
TOILET ITEM: Increase shit thus reducing weight,
REFRIGERATOR ITEM: Increases weight and might kill your monster.

Influences monsters' POW and INT
Build up EXP in training and watch your monsters' levels grow!

Influences how successful your raids are (rate of gold collected over time).
SWORD ITEM: Increase POW's monster.

Influences the tower's general magic power.
As this increases, rarer heroes and eggs will appear!
STATUE ITEM: Increase INT's monster and tower's general magic power.

Items Guide
TALISMAN (Tower's Item): Magic (Int) Power UP,
TREASURE BOX (Tower's Item): Hero encounter UP. Get it with TALISMAN for better results.
TIMESKIP BUTTON: Skips time per tap button.
TV: Time flows quickly. Use it wisely.
TOILET: Reduces weight for monsters.
PLANT: Quick HP recovery.
REFRIGERATOR: Meal needlessness but you need to watch your monster's weight.
TOADSTOOL: Unhealthy, useful if you plan to kill your monster.
SANDCLOCK: Stops time, useful to protect your high level monsters from hunger.

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