Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BombSquad Guides Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Punches do more damage the faster your fists are moving.  so run and spin like a madman

Pick Up
Grab flags. enemies. or anything else not bolted to the around. Press again to throw.

Jump to cross small gaps. to throw things higher. and to express feelings of joy.

Stronger than punches. but can result in grave self-injury.
For best results. throw towards enemy before fuse runs out.

Hold ANY button to run. Triggers or shoulder buttons work well it you have them
Running sets you Places taster but makes it hard to turn. so watch out for cliffs.

Boxing Gloves
Makes your Punches harder faster. better. stronger.

Energy Shield 
Absorbs a bit of damage so you don't have to.

Lets you whip out three bombs in a row instead of just one.

Restores you to full health. You'd never have guessed.

Weaker than normal bombs but leave your enemies frozen and Particularly brittle.

Slightly weaker than regular bombs. but they explode on impact

Stick to anything they hit. Hilarity ensues.

Land Mine
These come in Packs of 3: Useful for base defense or stopping speedy enemies.

You probably want to avoid these ...or do you?