Monday, August 4, 2014

Z Hunter Guide Cheats: Hints, Tips and Strategy

Z Hunter Guide Cheats for iPhone and Android

How to Play

  • Move left thumb to aim at zombies.
  • Press the cross-hair button to take aim.
  • Slide Up and Down to adjust zoom while taking aim.
  • Press the shoot button to shoot zombies.

Helpful Tips

Aside from Campaign, you can earn more money in Daily Weapons or Super Zombies. It is energy efficient to prioritize bigger reward missions.
Sometimes the zombies are out of sight. Move to left or right arrow to find them.
Hit secret boxes in-game to get helpful items or if you are unlucky you may get harmful items.
For every level up you made, you will get 2 golds and full energy
Supplies: Press Spankys Energy Bar to get more time!
Supplies: Press Radar Button to detect zombies and secret boxes.

Weapon Upgrades
  • Power: Increase your damage output.
  • Stability: Improve your aim.
  • Zoom: See better at long distances.
  • Capacity: Cartridge with more ammunition.