Monday, August 18, 2014

Vertical Cliff Guide Cheats - Daily Reward and Tips for Android iPhone Game

Vertical Cliff Guide Cheats

How to Play

Against Terrain
Jump Distance
Starting Skill: Armor

High Up
High Rope Strength
Starting Skill: Rope Recovery

If you hold down until the circle reaches the center, the jump will automatically be cancelled.
After landing, if you choose another location within range you will be able to jump continuously.
Scoring "Perfect" jumps consecutively gives you a combo. your jump range will be increased, and the perfect gauge will be filled.
If you score a "Miss" your landing point will be off and the rope will be damaged.
By earning perfect jumps, you can heal the rope.
Keep jumping like that! Reach the goal line within the time limit and clear the stage.
However, there will be obstacles blocking your path.
The danger zone: Be careful, If you land in this area, you will slip and plummet to game over.
Traps: Traps are scattered around the stage. Many of the traps will cause damage if touched.
Wind: Strong wind set you off the path.
Terrain: Patches of grass or anything out of the ordinary, you will slip off your path when you land.
Customize your character by distributing skill points. You can earn skill points by clearing missions or trading them in for coins.
You can upgrade your special skills and level up in exchange for coins.

You can get free stuffs in Vertical Cliff app by logging in daily anytime. You can get this cheat by changing your phone's time setting.
  1. Close your Vertical Cliff app by either restarting your phone or by killing it on your task manager.
  2. Set your time in advance for 1 day above.
  3. Open Vertical Cliff app and get your daily rewards.
  4. If you decided to get instant daily rewards, just complete the step 1-3.
If you want to go back at your current date just follow this steps
  1. Open Vertical Cliff app but do not play a single game.
  2. Close your app by either restarting your phone or by killing it on your task manager
  3. Go to settings and change your time/date to your current time/date.
  4. Open Vertical Cliff app just to make sure that there is no problem.