Monday, August 25, 2014

V8 Drift Guide Cheats - Upgrade and Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

V8 Drift Guide

If you are experiencing difficulty on your current track, just upgrade your engine, steering, shift gear and boost. If you don't have enough money to upgrade, you can revisit previous tracks to earn money. Make sure you can get the first position to get the highest reward. Collecting stars in track will give you coins but you should prioritize on getting the first position because 3 yellow stars (1st position) have more coins than getting (3 purple stars). Getting both 3 yellow and purple stars are optional as long as you can get the first position.

In choosing what upgrades you should upgrade or prioritize, engine is the best upgrade in game followed by steering, boost and shift gear. Upgrading engine would make your car increase it's maximum speed. Steering is to perform better drifts on high speed. Boost increases speed and duration for booster bonuses. Shift gear will boost your acceleration ability essential on difficult curvy tracks. However upgrading your engine will increase your maximum speed even on difficult curvy tracks too, so to save money engine is the best alternative if you plan to increase your speed on curvy roads.

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