Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Nightmare Cooperative Guide Cheats - How to Play and Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Nightmare Cooperative Guide

Swipe anywhere to move. Bumping into a monster will hurt them, but also hurt you. Collect Hearts to survive.
Be aware of your health, keep an eye on your heart meter.
Each character has different abilities.
You can only use an ability when you have a potion.
If you see a friend, bump to recruit them into the cooperative.
Chests contain Gold, but will also spawn more monsters.

Babarian: Knocks monsters away.
Priest: Heals friends through spiritual guidance.
Archer: Shoots arrows.
Mage: Attacks diagonally at distance.
Ninja: Moves through enemies.
Health Potion: Makes you and your friends healthier.
Action Potion: Realise your full potential, lets you use your special power.