Monday, August 25, 2014

Star Realms Guide Cheats - Scrapping and Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Star Realms Guides

The Basics

The object of star realms is to defeat your opponent by reducing his authority.
To accomplish this, you have to play cards form your hand.
Every turn, you will draw five cards from your deck into your hand.
At the eand of every turn, your cards will be moved ti your discard pile.
When your deck runs out of cards, your discard pile will be shuffled to form your new deck.
You can zoom in on a card by holding your finger over it. Try zooming in on your left-most card.

Use your combat to attack your opponent by double clicking.
When you reduce your opponent's authority to zero, you win!
Trade is used to acquire new cards.
New cards you acquire first go into your discard pile.
When your deck runs out of cards, the cards in the discard pile are then shuffled into your deck.
Trade can be used to acquire cards in the center trade row.
The trade cost to acquire a card is indicated in the top right.


Bases stay in play until the opponent destroys them with combat equal to the number in their shield on the bottom right.
The base is an outpost. Outpost must be destroyed before you can attack your opponent or their other bases.


Some cards force players to discard. Discard the scout in your hand by clicking on it and confirming or by dragging it your discard pile.
Ally ability gets activated by a ship or base of the same faction.
Ally ability allows you to scrap weaker cards in your deck, so that you can draw your better cards.


Some cards increase your Authority. Remember when you run out of authority, you lose.
When you activate Blob World, you will have to choose which ability to use.