Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Madden NFL Mobile Guide Cheats - Play Calling and Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Leveling UP Guide

Earning XP
Advancing in Madden is done by playing season games, head to head matches and live events.
Each time you play and complete one of these modes you'll earn coins and experience points (XP).

Level UP rewards
Each time you level up, you'll earn some great rewards!
You unlock new plays, earn some coins, refill and expand your stamina reserve and gain access to better players!

Team Management Guide

Team Rating
Your overall team team rating is determined by the combined skills of all the players on your team.
Adding higher-rated players will improve you team's chance at victory!

View Squads
Select the manage lineup panel to view and edit players on your active lineup.
Select and manage players from your offense, defense and special teams.

Swap Players
Tap any player within the lineup to show their attributes and display your replacement players.
Drag better players from your bench into the starting position to improve your team.
Don't have any better players on your bench? Visit the Pro Shop Auction house!

Comparing Attributes
If you drag and hold the item over the drag and drop slot, the attributes of both players will be compared.
Green attributes indicate the bench player is better in this area, while red attributes indicate the bench players is worse.
Use this to check and balance your team your way!

Best Lineup
If you have multiple players across you lineup that are lower than a bench player tap the best lineup button to swap the lower rated players with the higher benched players.

Defensive Strategy Guide

When playing against your friends, other players and rivals, you can set a defensive strategy to target their tendencies and completely shut them down.

Defensive Strategy Hub
Tapping the strategy button within the head to head mode will take you to the strategy screen.
The defensive strategy window will display the play types ran against you and which are hurting you the most.

Setting Strategies
To set a strategy tap the Add Play button at the bottom of the defensive strategy hub.
This will open a list with all of the plays you have unlocked. Each play will have information to help make your decision.
Leveling Up unlocks more defensive strategy plays!

Individual Strategies
By tapping the strategies button on the defensive strategy hub you can select your default strategy or you can select and set individual defensive strategies for your friends and rivals.

Play Calling Guide

Select a play
You can select a play from the play call popup.
You can pick plays based on play type, formation or if you need help deciding, by suggested.

You can switch between play type and formation views when calling plays.
Play type is sorted into 4 distinct play categories while the formation view allows for a more advanced individual play breakdown.

On the Play Call window the number of offensive personnel will be listed in the lower right hand corner.
It displays how many RB's, TE's and WR's will be on the field for your opponent's next play.

Field Position
In the lower left hand corner of the play call window there will be a down and field position indicator.

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