Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Legend Online Pocket Edition Guide Cheats - Enhancing, Evolving and The Strategy

Legend Online Pocket Edition for Android and iPhone Game Guide

Warrior: Specializing in Hand to Hand combat, they use powerful melee attacks to defeat their enemies while providing protection to the weaker teammates in the back row.

Mage: The only character adept at using magic, they are able to wield great powerful magics of fire, ice and lightning to defeat even the strongest of enemies.

Archer: With their high attack skill, and back row positioning, they deal great amounts of damage with little cost to the player.

Place your stronger(warrior) cards in the front stations so they can protect the weaker cards in the second position. This is not a rigid rule, in certain circumstances you can still put archers and mages in the front positions, but they perform better in battle in the back rows.

How to Enhancing and Evolving Cards
By going to the altar, players can strengthen their cards by upgrading them in various ways.
Different cards can evolve in different ways. Your main card be evolved in the following way: Each rank gained it will advance the main characters card by +3. Monster cards evolve in completely different ways also. For example: 4 star monster cards evolve into a +2 card, while a 5 star cards can evolve into a +3 card. Please note, equipment cards cannot evolve like various other cards, but are still valuable since any card they are attached to can gain extra abilities.
Special Cards: The arena cards can only be strengthened by certain fruit cards, once strengthened, the card can be evolved to 5 + 3/

To evolve a card the following must be collected:

To evolve from 2 stars to 3 stars, collect the materials dropped in the autaric plains.

To get a 3 stars to 3 + 1 cards, collect the materials from the temple of ibalize.

For your 3+1 cards to reach 4 stars, collect the materials dropped on the tribal plateau.

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